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Is there anything wrong if your urine is warmer than usual?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-31 19:25:54

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Yes this is normal. Urine that is warmer than normal doesn't mean anything hun. But if your urine is burning or stinging you when you urinate and you are wheeing more than usual, then this could be a urinary tract infection and you will need to see your doctor.

2006-07-31 19:25:54
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Yes, if you are seeing anything that isn't urine when you urinate there is something wrong. This is a symptom of many std's and i recommend you see your doctor as soon as possible. If it is an std prolonging a doctors visit could make it worse.

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Urine is supposed to be darker yellow in the morning since you have held it all night and not been drinking anything to thin it out. How much you drink decides how yellow it is. Urine smells but if it smells wrong to you go to the doctor and take a simple urine test. You might have a simple urinal infection, easy to cure with antibiotics.

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