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What does it mean when your ex keeps staring at you?


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It means he likes you and still thinks about you and if he stares at you mostly when your with other boys, it means he is tryin to see if you moved on or trying to keep an update on u! But mostly means he still likes u and has feelings for u


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It might not mean anything but you shouldn't run around after him, if he is interested in you again then it is up to him to ask you back out.

If a girl keeps staring at your belly button, it must mean you're not wearing a shirt or it's unbuttoned. It could also mean she likes you.

Because he likes you and is jelious of your boyfriend

It means the same thing as usual; he probably doesn't like you.

She could be interested in you, or maybe she might think your kind of weird.

it means she likes you or there is something that has caught he eye.

Are you talking? People often focus on the mouth when that is what they are listening to.

She keeps staring at me.He stands in the window, staring at the cake with drool dribbling down his chin.

she likes you or you are doing something that annoys her very much

Answer stress on your eyes!Stress+far too much staring at a PC screen?

He's your ex and 'ex' means the relationship is over. If it wasn't he'd ask you out on a date. Don't second guess him or worry about why he and his friends are staring at you. He may just be pushing your buttons. There is a jerk in every crowd. Just walk by like you don't see them and move on with your life.

If a guy keeps staring at you then maybe he's just spacing. If he does this continually everyday then he probably likes you. The best way to find out is to go ask him.

she needs money for ice cream

I think he likes you and he's attracted to you and he feels shy to look straight at you.

the guy's a loony. and a pedo. he MUST be crazy. and he definitely doesn't have a crush on you

Means nothing. Ignore them. They may not even be looking at you and are only looking in your direction.

Looking good, bad, hate and liking could all be factors...

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