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He is interested in you.

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no they stare at you like a pedofile stares at a kid

The homophone for clothes is close.

Put your clothes in the closet and then close the door. Close the door if you're going to change your clothes. I buy all of my clothes at a store that will close next week. What am I going to do ?

"Clothes" is a homonym of "close."

Matters if you have close on or not. If not then he wants to get dirty.

In some dialects, "clothes."

You are close. It is questions.

To zip up your clothes,Of Course!! replace buttons and clothes be able to close

Well if he pulls you close and stares deep into your eyes for a while, it's the right time.

Please close the door. Please put the clean clothes into your dresser.

The common words for what you wear are clothes, clothing, and apparel.(The near-homophone for clothes is close, to shut.)

If he stares at you and, trys to be close to you, touch you, or makes fun of you in a funny and nice kind of way

clothes* did the* Athenians* wear*

The song is ''This close'' .. ''i have been looking in your window, I've been dressing in your clothes ''

in the strictest sense of the word; close as in proximity or close as in shutting something. In a looser sense you could use clothes as a homophone.

they were close just like us

That was close! I haven't had a close shave like that in years. We are very close to getting an answer from the information technologies department. Please close the door to the clothes closet before you leave.

You can know if he stares at your face and stares into your eyes when you two talk. If he stares at "other" parts of your body get away from him because he is a creeper and a pervert. You should then think if you really like him as more than a friend, if you do then tell him, if you don't then don't let himself make a fool of himself and just tell him (as gently as you can).

Hero of Will quest you will come back with Spire Guard clothing, that's as close to commendants clothes as you will get.

He stares at the painting because that scene is a direct reference to Ferris Bueller's Day Off.Cameron stares at the same painting with the same cuts back & forth to his face with greater & greater close-ups.

i am a guy and ya it does well of course it does i am a girl so ya