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Possibly that you ex misses you and wants to get back together

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Why do you keep dreaming and thinking about your ex?

some say that if u have dreams about someone...it means that that person is thinking about u. your ex must miss u, and maybe u do too, deep inside u :)

What does it mean when you dream about your ex boyfriends?

It probably means u still have feelings for him and kinda miss him.

How do you know if you still love your ex-boyfriend and want to be with him again or if you just miss him?

if u think u miss him and u talk about him and u call another boy his name u miss him

What does it mean to dream of ex boyfriend sleeping with another women?

You may miss your miss your boyfriend. U might still love him but just move on I miss my boy frien mitchell

What does misshapen mean?

it means that if u miss happen u miss hapen

How do you say i miss you my love in lebanese?

I miss you my love : eshte'tellak habibiii ( if u want to say it for male ) eshte'tellek habibtiii ( if u want to say it for female )

What do you say to a guy when they say they miss you?

if you like them too tell them u miss them to and get together with them :D

How do you say the end in fulani?

You say the end in Fulani like this: Lani

What does ybmm mean?

ybmm means you better miss me.....i made it up....so when u say brb u can add ybmm. LOL

How do you know when your ex still likes you but you have a boyfriend?

well if your ex still talks to u and u hate him then say that u have a boyfriend.

How can you write a letter to your ex?

u didn't mention writing her about what [breakup,miss her,etc?

How do i say i miss you so much in Malayalam?

I will say that -- oh dear i miss u very much in Malayalam.

How do you tell your ex girlfriend you miss her?

when u see her or meet her,u remain silent.ur silence will speak volumes if she really understands u

How do you say exuse me in German?

how do u say ex-use me in German

What if a friend's ex boyfriend asks you out?

if u like him say yes but if u don't say hell no

How do you say i miss you in tulu?

Yaaana (I) eren (You) masth (lot) nenepu (miss) manthe

Why you miss your ex?

because you starting to realise what u had loose and how nice he is treating you all this while..

What does it mean to Dream about an ex?

what does it mean if u dream about an ex

Is zahar ahmadi Muslim?

i think u mean zahra and u miss typed.if u mean zahra yes...she is muslim.

What does a dream about arguing with your ex-girlfriend mean?

means you cant forget about her maybe it could mean u wanna get back with her or it could mean u wanna kill h......i wont say anymore hope this helps.stigy

You and this guy like each other and he is going away to work in a different city- how can you subtly tell him that you will miss him?

before he goes, get him a present and put a note on the present telling him that u will miss him and then when u go to say goodbye, just giv him a hug and say'' i will miss u.''

What does it mean when your ex talks about you with another guy?

Maybe the other guy likes u and wants to know bout u or ur ex still has intetest in u

How can you tell him you miss him?

you start by saying i love you and then ask hym if he loves you back then you say i miss u Answer You can simply say "I miss you" or "I miss you so much" or "I miss you and can't wait to see you again." Just tell him that you miss him. If he cares about you he will be happy to hear it.

How do you say goodbye in filipino?

bye my dear friend i miss u

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