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You might need to have youre eyes checked. Go to an opthamologist.

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What does it mean when you considently blink all the time?

your tired lol

What could cause a feeling of pressure behind left eye which also feels tired?

It could be dry eye. Both my eyes feel tired and as if they have a pressure from behind the eye and sometimes above. It makes me want to close my eyes all the time, even when I'm not tired. You can buy eye drops or artificial tears for this condition from the chemist. It helps relieve the symptoms, but this cannot be cured.

Do changes in the barometric pressure make you tired?


Does Low blood pressure cause you to be tired?


What is a side effect of low blood pressure?


Where did Andy go when he left the toys behind?

he got tired.

What effect does position have on blood pressure?

you will fallout or just get tired

Does your tongue ever get tired?

no your tongue will never get tired if you look in the mirror and you look at it your tongue will still be moving even if there is no pressure or force on to it. in conclusion your tongue is never tired.

Is slight fever dangerous?

No but if accompanied by vomiting and other stuff but nothing hazardous. No slight fever is not dangerous. You can feel a little lazy and tired, but it is not going to kill you or it is not going to do anything else dangerous. :)

Why do I have a headache am dizzy and feel tired?

you could have low blood pressure

What are different ways to say got?

He got bigger. -> He became bigger.He got a letter. -> He received a letter.He got a cold. -> He contracted a cold.He got married. -> He married his fiancée.He got tired. -> He tired.He got left behind. -> He was left behind.

When blood pressure drops quickly?

I feel light-headed . . .kind of dizzy, and tired.

A man who runs in front of a car will get tired and a man who runs behind a car will become?


Where is the spare tire on a 2001 Honda Odyssey?

The spare tired on a 2001 Honda Odyssey is behind the front seats. Look on the floor behind the front seats for a door, behind that door is the spare.

If you have dizziness lightheadedness tired and slight slight nausea I am due for my period today or tomorrow actually could I be pregnant?

Wait until after your period is due bc its too early to tell since pregnancy symptoms and menstruation symptoms are very similar.

When your blood pressure is 12659 you are tired light headed you are 67 female weigh 116 is blood pressure low?

no 126/59 is not truly low.

What is most likely to cause low oil pressure?

A worn out, tired, high mileage or abused engine could cause low oil pressure.

What does it mean when the abs trac and check tire pressure lights are on?

It probably means your tired pressure is low and your traction control is not working properly (or thinks it isnt) because of the low tire pressure.

What is the air pressure suppose to be in tires?

In every vehicle tired pressures will vary. Check in the driver door jam or owners manual for accurate tire pressure.

You have been feeling sick tired moody and you are starting to feel slight period cramps but im not due for another 2 weeks?

You could be ovulating, bu I am not a doctor.

Do bananas make you sleepy?

No, bananas contain a slight amount of caffeine in they're juice so they do not make you tired or hyper due to the lack of acidic juices in the fruit.

How does peer pressure influence teen purchsing?

it influence it because your peers will always push you to do it and you finally get tired eventually you will do it

What are discrete signs of early pregnancy?

slight lower abdomen pain, breast tenderness, period loss, change in mood, lack of energy, feeling tired all the time

Why are you always tired when you have the flu?

Your body is working hard behind the scenes to fight off the infection. It uses energy even while you rest, so you don't notice the loss, and consequently are more tired than you should be.

Why causes you to feel tired after a meal?

After a meal the brain delivers more blood to the digestive system, leaving the rest of the body (including the muscles) with less blood. Low blood pressure makes you feel tired

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