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What does it mean when your friend's girlfriend keeps telling you that you are cute?

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βˆ™ 2006-09-13 01:22:37

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she probubly likes you so be carful!

2006-09-13 01:22:37
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Should you dump your girlfriend after she cheated on you with one of her friends?

yes and no it matters if she really cute

The guy I like already has a girlfriend but he keeps flirting with me and he said I was cute and we're really good friends help?

hes probably just being a weird friend but there could be a chance he likes you go for it \

Do lil trill have a girlfriend?

Yes he does he is to cute not to have a girlfriend

This really cute guy you like stares at you alot espically in the hallways and at lunch his friends keep telling you that he likes you and your friends keep telling you that he wants to go out badly..?

go out with him. If u like him. But if u don't like him then don't go out with him. How old is he?

Is cute an adjective?

Yes, cute is an adjective, a word that describes a noun.Example:I have a cute girlfriend.

A cute boy keeps flirting with you and he wants you to be his girlfriend he only flirts with you and asks you out should you say yes your friends would get mad but you love him more than yourself what?

They probably looking out for u, but if u really like him then talk to ur friends about him. If u think he's worth losing friends over then sure go out with him but make sure they're really ur friends. They could be jealous.

What is a cute nickname for demon?

your girlfriend?

What cause and effect relationships about clothes?

Cute clothes+ugly person= Cute but shallow boyfriend or girlfriend. Cute clothes+cute person= Cute boyfriend or girlfriend. P.S.- I'm sorry to say it, but guys like it if you show a little skin.

Does baby bash have a girlfriend?

i am not sure i am guessing that he might have a girlfriend because he is cute.

How do you get a girl from a friend?

you can get a girl from a friend by telling her she cute.

What if your cute guy friend would always playfully hit you when he was single then he got a girlfriend and stopped he still has same girlfriend but he starts to flirt again does he like you?

You might just be friends- it might not be flirting at all

How can you get a cute boy to kiss you without asking?

Try playing the game truth or dare and tell one of your friends to dare the cute guy to kiss you. If he keeps on choosing truth, then try it the other way around- you'll have to kiss him.

Girl keeps telling you im too cute?

Trying to understand female logic is beyond the mere mortal male, If you cop this a lot simply say ...WHAT THE F*****G HELL DO YOU MEAN !!!!!

My girlfriend ask me why do you think I'm cute?

Tell her shes cute on the inside and out because of her kindness.

Does Leo little have a girlfriend?

Yes! He's CUTE!

Is Danny wood have a girlfriend?

no hes not evean that cute

What is drake bells girlfriend name?

drakes girlfriend is called mellisa aww cute lolage

Does Luke benward have a girlfriend?

Yes, He does.... His girlfriend is so Cute... Her name is Christina... She has Blonde Hair.

Who is zac ron's girlfriend?

Zac Efron's girlfriend? is Vanessa Anne Hudgens... they are such a cute couple.

Who is Taylor launers girlfriend?

Taylor Lautners girlfriend is Taylor Swift!!!! They are so cute together

What do you do when your boyfriend is embarrassed of you because your in a long distance relationship?

You tell him he should not be embarrassed and if he is he needs a new girlfriend because you need to be treated like a princess.My advice is to talk to him, but do not smother him. Give him time to relax and enjoy being with out you. Additionally, try to make surprises to come see him or send him cute stuff. Once his friends see how amazing of a girlfriend you are, they will keep telling him about you. As a result, the embarrassment should disappear.

What do you do when a boy calls you cute but he has a girlfriend?

This is tough. If you don't like this guy then say, "I'm glad you think that but you really do have to remember the fact that you do have a girlfriend." If you are crushing on this guy say "Your cute too but you have a girlfriend." and walk away. =) HOPEFULLY THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you found a good girlfriend?

well the easiest thing is just be friends with one of the girls you think is hot/cute then once you get to know her you'll fall in love with each other

What is cole spouse and Dylan sprouse girlfriend name?

cole sprouse girl freind is Christina akande and she is cute very very cute and Dylan"s girlfriend is Michelle malone jordyns you should dat me i am cute funny hugable

Has Luke Benward ever had a girlfriend?

No he has not, and i am happy about that, he is sooooooo cute! :)