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She probably had a boyfriend in mind and did not know how to break up with you without hurting your feelings.

2006-07-20 03:41:29
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Can you become boyfriend girlfriend on animal crossing?

no afraid not

Why is your boyfriend breaking up with you for buying a house?

maybe he was hopeing that you would move in together or maybe he's afraid of commitment.

What do you do if you like one of your friends and someone tells you to ask them out but you are afraid of what they will say?

ask he or she has a girlfriend or boyfriend

Why do women want a commitment?

Women want commitment because they want to be sure of the future. And they are afraid of starting all over again.

Why the the boyfriend doesnt want to tell exgirlfriend's name to his girlfriend?

He is probably just afraid that his exgirlfriend would get jellous and do some thing to his girlfriend, if she found out who his new girlfriend is.

Why doesnt your boyfriend like talking about the future?

Maybe because he is afraid of commitment and think your taking the relationship a too fast pace for him Or he doesn't even want a relationship with you/one timer or he is cheating on you

What are giants afraid of?


He still loves you but is afraid of a commitment?

dump him because if he really loves you he would commit

How do you a girlfriend on build a bearville?

Sorry, I'm afraid that getting a girlfriend/boyfriend on Build-A-Bearville is against the rules. Try going on another site instead.

Is it normal to be afraid of commitment?

Yes it is normal. We are all afraid of the unknown.

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells his ex girlfriend he loves and misses her?

It probably means exactly what you are afraid it means. I'm sorry . . .

Why do I want my boyfriend to stay married to his estranged wife?

Perhaps you are afraid of commitment, or perhaps you think that you will lose him if he is divorced and feels free to date more widely?

What does I like you but I am not not ready for a girlfriend REALLY mean?

That yes he does like you, but he is either afraid of commitment, wouldn't know how to handle a relationship, or is too cheap to pay for things.

What do you call someone who is afraid of commitment?

a wuss

Why would your ex not want his girlfriend to be your friend?

Because he is afraid you will tell his current girlfriend some unflattering things about him.

Why do gamers ignore their girlfriends?

because they are stupid and don't kno how to be boyfriends and get distracted by the super funnes of video games. be afraid very afraid of guys who love their video games. i would suggest leaving a video game obsessed girlfriend ignoring boyfriend.

Will Tancred Torsson and Emma Tolly ever be boyfriend and girlfriend?

No, I'm afraid not :) She ends up with someone else from 'the gang' though :)

Why would a man reject someone he likes?

Because he is afraid of commitment or he is a Sagittarius or he has some problems and you should not push him

Why won't a boy that likes you ask you out?

I think its because they are afraid of commitment n can't flirt with other girlz

Why is she is afraid that she might fall for you because i am married and she has a boyfriend please help?

She probally doesn't want to upset her boyfriend or your wife.

Why my boyfriend is so jealous?

There are many reasons why a boyfriend gets jealous. One reason is because he may be afraid to lose you.

What is the name of Nathan Sykes's girlfriend?

Nathan hasn't got a girlfriend and he doesn't want to because he's afraid the band will "lose fans" if he gets a girlfriend.

Why do women often lie about cheating?

because they are usually afraid their housband or boyfriend will hurt them> ...

Why did your girlfriend break up with you by phone?

Most girls do because they are afraid to say it to your face.

Who is gale hawthorne from The Hunger Games?

he is a boy that is love with katniss and she like him but they never say it because they are afraid that one of them doesn't like him or her as a boyfriend or girlfriend so they never say it much or ever... hope this helps.