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It probably means you are holding it too tightly or the wrong way. It may also be scared.

2006-09-11 05:01:21
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When a guinea pig squeals does it mean he's terrified scared happy or sad?

my guinea pig squeals when he is hungry

What does it mean when you pet a guinea pig and it squeals?

It means it is excited.

Why does your guinea pig squeal when you open a bag?

the guinea pig squeals because it thinks food is in it.

Where did the name guinea pig come from?

The name Guinea Pig came from the sailors. sailors thought their squeals sounded like a pigs. and they sold guinea pigs for one guinea. thus guinea pig.

Why does your guinea pig squeal like a pig?

Our guinea pig squeals if we are around and he is short on food. I think it is his way of letting us know he wants food?

Is it true that when a guinea pig squeals that it attracts mice?

no i have them and i havent seen mice at all

What noises do guinea pig make before birth?

Loud squeals and cries and even grunts.

How do you understand your guinea pig?

yes, you can understand your guinea pigs on how it squeals you can check what type of sounds they make on this site

How long should you hold your guinea pig for?

your should hold your guinea pig for about 30min to an hour each day

Can you hold your guinea pig if it just had a baby?

when my guinea pig had babies i held her and she was fine

Can you hold your guinea pig if you have lice?

Human Head Lice and Guinea Pig lice are two different types. Humans aren't affected by Guinea Pig Lice and Guinea Pigs are the same for Human Head Lice. You are perfectly safe to hold you guinea pig :)

What does it mean when a pig squeals at a high pitch?

it depends how socialized your guinea pig is. sometimes they will squeak very loudly and high pitched when you open a fridge. but usually a high pitched noise is a sign that they are stressed or scared

Would a chihuahua eat a guinea pig?

leave the guinea pig in it's cage if you have the gunea pig out hold it i don't think your dog will eat your guinea pig

How do you know if a guinea pig is happy?

A guinea pig will squeal and purr when it is happy. Sometimes it squeals because it needs food or water. Other times it chatters its teeth which means beware, like a threat.

Can you tam a guinea pig?

yes you can tame a guinea pig in about 3 months if you hold and play with them.

What are guinea pigs natural homes like?

Our guinea pig squeals if we are around and he is short on food. I think it is his way of letting us know he wants food?

How old does a baby guinea pig have to be before a human can hold it?

when my guinea pig had babies, we had to wait 3 days until we could hold them.

What does it mean when your guinea pig doesn't squeak?

It usually doesn't mean anything, Usually Guinea pigs squeak quietly when you hold them, But it isn't very loud. If it is for a long time that the guinea pig isn't squeaking it usually doesn't mean anything. But your Guinea Pig should squeak most of the time but it is fine if it is not all the time. I own a guinea pig myself and mine is very noisy We call her "Sadie Squeaks A lot" But that's just my Guinea pig. Anyways Good luck finding out why your Guinea pig isn't squeaking. I hope my Answer helped!

What animal squeals?

A pig.

Is a rodent and a pig related?

If you mean guinea pig, then yes, a guinea pig is a type of rodent.

What sound does the pig make?

A pig grunts or squeals

Should you hold your guinea pig if shes pregnant?

You can just don't hold the female guinea pig for to long. It can upset her and upsetting her can cause her to have miscarriage.

What does it mean when your guinea pig loses hair?

why is my guinea pig loses hair

What is a guinea pig popcorning mean?

It means the guinea pig feels happy.

What does guinea pig mean in French?

It means guinea pig. No different meaning.