What does it mean when your so called best friend tells your other friend who you dont trust that she does not like you anymore then what do you do what does that even mean?


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It probably means that they either really don't like you anymore or they want the other person to like them as well.

I think you should bring it up to your "best friend" and tell her how it made you feel and see if she wants to be your friend anymore.

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Just say "Well if that's what you want", and then ask her why and when she tells you just say oh, OK then walk away.

then they obviously ain't you friend so you tell them to basically go away and ur not my friend. he/she are probally emmbarssed in being your friend so just don't be friend with them. Just don't be their friend anymore.

You know that you cannot trust your best friend anymore when secrets or things that you told them in confidence get back to you by someone else. If your best friend tells you lies, talks behind your back or betrays your trust then you know your friendship has come to an end.

..Well your best friend obviously doesn't like him anymore, so unless you have a problem with telling the other guy that your friend likes her, then you should do it. I don't see anything wrong there.

Tell your male friend to do his own dirty work. He is a big boy and can tell your other friend what he wants and how he wants it done. You do not want to be in the middle.

If your so called "friend" tells you that he doesn't like you on more than one occasion then it is time for you to realize this person is not your friend and to distance yourself from him and spend time with your other friends or make new ones.

if he starts to talk to other girls ALOT!!!! if he dosent wanna talk to you anymore IF HE TELLS HIS FRTIENDS IT OVER BUT TELLS YOU ITZ NOT if he dosent ask you on dates anymore and if he tries to avoid you write be back if you have more questions

If your a good friend an care for her then tell her, because it would hurt her to find out the hard way an it would even hurt her more to know that her friend knew bout it but didnt say anything to her an just watch her get hurt.

you don't talk as much on the phone or in person anymore, and when you ask if its because he is so busy he tells you no that he isn't. when he jokes around about how lucky you are to be with someone so goodlooking or nice because so many other girls want him. when he jokinglily tells you that he's been ingnoring your calls but you feel he wasnt joking. also when he jokingly calls other girls his wifes or "other" girlfriends in front of you! also when he starts acting more like a friend to you then your boyfriend!

It means someone has betrayed you such as if a friend tells you a secret and you tell the secret to other people you have backstabbed your friend hope this helps

Say 'No'. Be brave, be firm. Avoid that person (he cannot be called friend who offers to poison your life.).

it depends if he tells you that he likes your friend first but if he dating your best friend just tell him no if he ask you out

It may mean that he likes you but on the other hand you may have known each other for a long time and are just close friends so don't get worried.

I say that he was your friend before and he is your friend now no matter who he is.

No. Once it tells you it can't eat anymore PokéBlocks then it won't eat anymore no matter what.

well you need to be brave and tell her what she's been doing to you and how you feel about it. take my opinion, i would never be friends with someone like that anymore, and yes, I've been through it all.

You have an honest and true friend because if someone else tells them a secret and your friend tells you that secret it doesn't become a secret any longer and they have betrayed the other person and it could well start gossip. Be thankful your friend is not sharing secrets of others and if you are honest about it you are simply curious. Take some lessons from your friend ... a secret is a secret that someone has entrusted a person with.

well just forget it for the friend did not tell uthe thing......these r just small problems in friendshipbut u must not give importance to them!!!

Romeo's friend Balthasar tells him

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