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Washing Soda Cans with kitchen dishwasher liquid or soap water or chlorinated water should help kill or washaway bacteria from Soda cans. - Neeraj Sharma

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Q: What does it take to kill the bacteria on top of top of soda cans?
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Where can you take soda cans to be recycled?

a recycling center

Can you take soda cans on a plane?

If it's in your luggage yes

There are 4 cans of soda on a table in front of you You take 1 away How many do you have?

1 can of soda.

How many soda cans does it take to be as tall as the Willis Tower?

You'll never get to be that tall, no matter how much soda you drink.

How many empty soda cans does it take to equal a pound?

Empty, 28 cans make up a pound. I have a gram scale and a dried out empty coke can weighs just over 13.8 grams. 1 lbs = approx 454 grams 454 grams / 13.8 = 32.89855..... So if you asked me I'd say the number of typical soda cans in a pound is approx. 33

How many standard cans of Soda would it take to fill a 3 pint pitcher?

A standard can of soda is 12 fluid ounces. A cup is considered 8 fluid ounces. There are 2 cups per pint, thus implying there are 16 fluid ounces per pint. See the mathematics below for your answer:12 fluid ounces/can ÷ 8 fluid ounces/cup = 1.5 cups/can.Can = 1.5 cups (.75 Pint)Cans = 3.0 cups (1.5 Pint)Cans = 4.5 cups (2.25 Pint)Cans = 6.0 cups (3 pints)Thus it would take 6 cans of soda to fill a 3 pint pitcher.

How long does it take to kill bacteria with bleach?

Almost immediately. bacteria are very weak creatures, and are killed easily.

Can 4 red bulls a month hurt you?

no it can no hurt you it would take 172.5 cans (16.9 ounce cans) of red bull a year for 5 years to kill or harm you

Can cold sores kill rabbits?

cold sores can kill your pet rabbit but if you take care of the sore and clean the sore but if you don't take of the sore the bacteria will speard and the sore will close but then the bacteria will spread and then will kill your pet rabbit take care of your pet and stop animal cruelty

How many cans of soft drink does it take to fill an olympic size pool?

An Olympic pool holds about 660,253 US gallons of water.There are 128 fluid ounces in a US gallon.The average US soda can is 12 ounces, so there are 10.6 cans to a gallon.660,253 (gallons) x 10.6 (cans of soda to a gallon)= 6,998,681 12 fluid ounce soda cans it would take to fill an Olympic sized pool.

How long does ultraviolet light take to kill bacteria?

It takes 5 minutes.

How can you get money for soda caps?

Collect as many soda cans as you want, then take them down to recycling center. The more cans you have the better. Most recycling centers pay 5 cents per can and pay you by how much all your cans weigh in total. Remember to check what time the recycling center opens, when it closes, and when the best time to come is.