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What does java not support?


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Java does not support multiple inheritance.......

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No it does not support Java

No. Java does not support copy constructor

No , Java does not support call by reference.

In Java, Java does support the concept of destructor, it's done via special method finalize.

Java doesn't support multiple inheritance.

Java does not support pointers.

No. I have read that it will support Java. I believe that it does not support flash ATM.

Java support system includes: · Applets · Servlets · Java Beans · EJB · JSP · XML · SOAP · CORBA

Java does not support Pointers and hence you cannot use it in Java.

Yes. Linux is fully supported by Java.

Difference between Java and C++ is that Java does not support pointers. Pointers are inherently insecure and troublesome. Since pointers do not exist in Java, neither does the -> operator. Some other C++ features are not found in Java. • Java does not include structures or unions because the class encompasses these other forms. It is redundant to include them. • Java does not support operator overloading. • Java does not include a pre-processor or support the pre-processor directives. • Java does not perform any automatic type conversions that result in a loss of precision. • All the code in a Java program is encapsulated within one or more classes. Therefore, Java does not have global variables or global functions. • Java does not support multiple inheritances. • Java does not support destructors, but rather, add the finalize() function. • Java does not have the delete operator. • The << and >> are not overloaded for I/O operations. • Java does not support templates.

Well, I do know that Macs, Linuxes, and Windows computers all support Java, but I do not know if other, lesser-known OSes will support Java.

Yes. All computers and laptops can run and support Java. You can download Java from Sun's website and then install it in your computer to use it.

No. Java does not support the concept of Destructors like C

Java, unlike C++ does not support copy constructors.

Yes, I have Java software on mine.

No. Java objects are not pointers. Java does not support the pointers concept. You cannot access the memory location of the java objects.

Java does not support direct multiple Inheritance. Harder to implement, not every language support it: C++ does, Java does not.

All major servers like Weblogic, Webspher, Tomcat support Java Platform

of course it does- any iPhone should have java application on it from fabrics.

Yes. Most operating systems have some form of Java for them.

You may have to install Java runtime support.

Just about any laptop. Please note that Java support may not always be included when the laptop comes from the factory; but you can install Java support on any computer that has the Windows, Linux, or Macintosh operating system - among others.

There is little endian byte ordering support in Java found in the java.nio package (see ByteBuffer and ByteOrder class).

You dont because Java does not support direct Multiple Inheritance

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