What does jurrasic mean?

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Jurassic is one of the periods when dinosaurs lived. It is between the Cretaceous and Triassic periods. You can find out much more @ Wikipedia.

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Did the movie jurrasic park come from the jurrasic period?

yes it did because the jurrasic period has the something to do with the dinasours in the jurrasic time period

How did eoraptor extinct?

eoraptor did not went extinct they have all evolved in the begeining of the jurrasic and later in late jurrasic they have evolved into the birds

What is Archaepteryx?

A Jurrasic age prehistoric bird.

Who is the author of jurrasic park?

Michael Crichton

Are they going to make a Jurrasic Park 4?


Were in the world did stegasourus live?

in the jurrasic period any where

When was jurrasic park made?

1992 November 17

What cities border on the Alleghaney river?

jurrasic park

What period was after the Jurassic Period?

after Jurrasic period it is the Cretaceous period

What came first Jurrasic or Prehistoric?

prehistoric..we have history of Jurassic

When did the jurrasic period start?

195 millon years ago

Which movie was made based on dinosaurs?

Yes, Jurrasic Park

What is a good dinosaur field spell card?

Jurrasic world

Where did the Montanoceratops live?

The plains of Jurrasic North America including Montana.

What are the best dinosaur films?

Jurrasic park is the best by far diffentently

What lived in the Triassic period?

Early Dinosaurs that evolved from the Jurrasic times.

What era is the jurrasic era?

The era where all the dinosaurs ruled the world

Is Jurassic Park real or imaginary place?

-.- None of the islands in jurrasic park are real, however there are theme parks at universal studios with several life like robotic dinosaurs in a jurrasic park like environment.

Who is the host of deep space marvels?

Sam Neill of Jurrasic Park fame

What kind of raptor is in jurrasic park?

Velociraptor.Wrong. Velociraptor was 3 foot high it was the Deinonychus.

When was the Tyrannosaurus Rex declared extinct?

approx. 300000 B.C., but they lived in the jurrasic period

What is the jurrasic period?

the Jurassic period is were dinasours make out have sex and rape each otherlolololololl

Are they making a jurrasic park 4?

Hasn't is called Jurassic park 4 extinction

How did apatosaurus become extinct?

there was a minor mass extinction toward the end of the jurrasic period

Which is cooler Jurassic Park or Star Wars?

Jurassic Park definitely. Totally Jurrasic Park!

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