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keep it together means stay put, don't lose it, hum, don't get sad or be negative, stay focused, be you, be positive. hope I helped :)
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If a man still keeps in touch with you after you broke up because he cheated does that mean he wants to get back together?

Answer . \nMore than likely he wants his cake and eat it too. How do you know how many women he sees during the course of a week? Think about this one very carefully. If he cheated on you before, he has probably done the same thing to other women he has dated and he's coming back to see if he ( Full Answer )

Can you keep 2 parakeets together?

Yes. Make sure each bird has enough space to move around free and fresh food and water is provided daily.

My male mouse keeps attacking my female mouse even though theyve already had one litter together before. What does this mean?

Answer . This is a hyper-aggressive mouse that may also be very territorial. Chances are, this pair was not raised up together, and was brought together when they were both adults. The male mouse might also be protecting the territory of his original mate, if he had one previously.. It would be ( Full Answer )

What keeps the solids together?

The configuration of the atoms keep solids together. When the atomsmove faster, the solid will become a liquid or a gas.

Can you keep goats and chickens together?

Yes you can keep goats and chickens together, be aware though that the chickens will compete with the goats for the goat chow, the goats may get angry .

How did abraham lincoln keep the union together?

Abraham Lincoln anticipated before the end of the war the need fora smooth transition of southern states back into the union. Hepresented the merciful Amnesty Proclamation which offered pardon toconfederates who had not been involved in excessive brutality ortreasonous leadership during the war who ( Full Answer )

What keeps an atom together?

A good question.. Answer: Binding or the atomic strong force--the strongest of the four fundamental forces. It acts on quarks and leptons that make up Protons and Neutrons to hold the atomic nucleus together. The energies necessary to "make" nuclei is present only in the core of stars.. See: http: ( Full Answer )

Can you keep two females rabbits together?

Yes NO, NO, rabbits are very territorial and they will fight. Every rabbit needs it's own cage (space). Read other peoples answers to the same question .

What keeps DNA together?

DNA is kept together by hydrogen bonds. The bonds connect the basestogether and gives DNA its double helix shape.

What force keeps the nucleus together?

The inter nuclear forces bind the atoms and nucleus together . This force is the cause for the nucleus binded towards the atoms.

What does keep mean?

to keep means to hold somthing Hold in this case can mean to maintain control of the possession of something, which can be under lock and key rather than in the hand.

What does it mean to be together?

Usually when talking about people, the term being "together" with someone means they're dating, boyfriend/girlfriend. That type of thing.

Can you keep three rabbits together?

It depends If you have 1 rabbit and then later get another, they rabbits (if they don't know each other ) are likely to attack each other because the first rabbit would probably be Territorial . Thankfully they have places (i think pets at home does it) were they let the rabbits met and get used to ( Full Answer )

Can you keep emperor scorpions together?

You can keep emperor scorpions together, yes they do enjoy a bit of company, I currently am keeping two baby emperor scorpions at home.

What keeps magdeburgs hemispheres together?

The Magdeburg hemispheres, around 50 cm (20 inches) in diameter, were designed to demonstrate the vacuum pump that von Guericke had invented. One of them had a tube connection to attach the pump, with a valve to close it off. When the air was sucked out from inside the hemispheres, and the valve was ( Full Answer )

Can you keep to brother rabbits together?

You can keep brother rabbits together, but if you notice that one of them is missing fur, or if they seem to be fighting than you should immediatly separate them. Sometimes you get lucky and they enjoy being around each other, but rabbits are territorial so you have to be careful. NEVER put 2 ra ( Full Answer )

Can you keep female rabbits together?

Although some people have had success keeping together unspayed female sisters raised from the same litter, generally speaking, you can't keep rabbits together unless they've been spayed/neutered and "bonded" because otherwise they will fight. You can't allow rabbits to fight: it will damage their p ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a friends girlfriend keeps calling wanting to get together?

\n. \nIt means that she thinks you have something that her current boyfriend does not have. Maybe you make her laugh a lot and she likes that. Maybe she has heard things about your 'bod' and she wants to find out for herself.\n. \n. \n. \nWell it can mean two things......1st.....She had a breaku ( Full Answer )

What keeps the solar system together?

WelL mY tEaChEr InForMeD Us ThAt wHaT KeEPs tHe sOLaR SySTeM TOgEthER aRe thInGs lIke gRavItY,, FrIctION,, aND TENsIOn . [[ But mOstLy gRaViTy kEEpS it AlL ToGeTHer]] :)

Can you keep dwarf hamsters together?

If they are the same sex, you can't. They'll fight after they are 8 weeks old. But if it's a male and a female together. you can. ;D ----------------- Improved by .PokemonFreak. Heres a little more detailed answer. If they are the same gender they might not get in fights. Especially if their ( Full Answer )

Can you keep a chicken and a turkey together?

yes if you have everything both of them need and you chose compatible mix. don't get both males they'll kill each other very quickly but if you get a male and female or both females they won't fight and will probably live together fine

What keeps an atom held together?

depening on their chemical charge, they are atacted to each other like a magnet and only pull away during like chemicla bonds i think

What keeps the platypus together?

The platypus is not a mixture of other animals; therefore, nothing is required to keep it together, beyond its own skin.

Can you keep males ferrets together?

Yes. Male ferrets usually get along. However during rut / mating season they may fight to show dominance. If the ferrets are neutered then this shouldn't be an issue.

Can you keep turtles and fish together?

You can! However, turtles will eat fish in the wild. Make sure your fish are bigger than your turtles head and you should be ok! We have a painted turtle and 2 gold fish housed together (they were supposed to be dinner!)

What keeps uncommon couples together?

People who marry with opposite personalities have a greater chance to staying together. Example: If one person was hyper active and the other laid back they would off-set each other. They would also learn from each other. Often if two people are of the same personality there is no mystery in their l ( Full Answer )

How long do you keep mating rabbits together?

You should only leave rabbits together long enough for them to mate 10 to 15 minutes should be long enough. You should observe the mating to make sure it takes place and to also make sure that they do not fight. Repeat procedure about 8-12 hours later. Females will most likely not release a egg inti ( Full Answer )

Can you keep male rabbits together?

Yes,you can if they're born together or very young. After a couple months it's not a good idea as they'll fight for dominance. Once a bunny is older, male/female pairings are only suggested because two males have a high chance of ripping each other to shreds. EVERY rabbit needs it's own cage!! Th ( Full Answer )

How do you keep your beading creations together?

im guessing you mean to prevent them from falling apart. to do this, i usally use crimp tubes. I prefer crimp tubes over crimp beads but that's just my personal preference. If your using memory wire, a memory wire ball will work or just make a mini spiral on the end. Making a spiral on the end of an ( Full Answer )

How do you keep your breasts pushed together?

Wear a padded bra/push up. Get a cross back bra or tie the two back staps together with ribbon. Wear low cut shirts. Get a little bit smaller bra so you have more cleavge.

What keeps atoms from fusing together?

It is the nulei which fuse. Nuclei are positively charged and thus repel each other. The kinetic energy of the nuclei must be very large for nuclei to be able to fuse, such as at the surface of the sun, where hydrogen nuclei fuse to form helium nuclei.

Could you keep a cat and ferret together?

We have a fairly easy-going tomcat that tolerates the ferret. The ferret is often too frantic for the cat so he will jump up on a chair to avoid it. Cats have different temperaments so there is no way to say "all cats". You can almost be guaranteed to have a fight if you let a ferret get around a mo ( Full Answer )

Can you keep damsels and angelfish together?

yes you can hre is a list okay for adding to the tank: Dwarf Angelfish, Large Angelfish, Anthias, Basslets, Blennies, Boxfish, Clownfish, Goatfish, Gobies, Hawkfish, Hogfish, Parrotfish, Pseudochromis, Puffers, Tangs & Surgeons and Wrasse.

Can you keep dogs and snakes together?

If, by 'together' you mean keeping them both in the same enclosure - then no ! Either the dog will eat the snake - or vice-versa if the snake is a big one !

Does the same thing that keep your solar system together keep the universe together?

Your question is hard to answer because of the nature of the twostructures. The solar system is defined as sol, our sun, and all ofthe things that orbit it. Gravity, obviously, keeps all of thesethings together. . The universe, however, is a broad term that describes everythingthat 'is'. It isn't j ( Full Answer )