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It's a ships name - most, if not all Japanese vessels end with the suffix maru.

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Q: What does koji maru mean in Japanese?
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What does maru mean on Japanese ships?

maru means round in japanese ships

What does circle you mean in Japanese?

You may say 'maru.'

What does orochemaru mean in Japanese?

Do you mean Orochimaru? Orochi = Large Serpent Maru = common male japanese name.

When did Japanese battleship Kaiyō Maru end?

Japanese battleship Kaiyō Maru ended in 1869.

When did Japanese barque Kankō Maru end?

Japanese barque Kankō Maru ended in 1876.

When was Japanese barque Kankō Maru created?

Japanese barque Kankō Maru was created in 1853.

When did Japanese warship Kanrin Maru end?

Japanese warship Kanrin Maru ended in 1871.

When was Japanese warship Shohei Maru created?

Japanese warship Shohei Maru was created in 1854-12.

When was Japanese battleship Kaiyō Maru created?

Japanese battleship Kaiyō Maru was created on 1866-09-10.

When was Japanese seaplane tender Kamikawa Maru created?

Japanese seaplane tender Kamikawa Maru was created on 1937-09-18.

When was Japanese seaplane tender Kiyokawa Maru created?

Japanese seaplane tender Kiyokawa Maru was created on 1941-10-05.

What is the word 'maru' when translated from Japanese to English?

maru means circle but it is also used like we use SS in SS Titanic so if the Titanic were a Japanese ship she would be titanic maru