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What does like disslove like mean?


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Polar substances dissolve in polar liquids. Nonpolar substances dissovle in nonpolar liqiuds.

(For more info on polar and nonpolar, refer to Chemistry)

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Like dissolves like. A polar substance like NaCl will hence dissolve in a polar solvent like water

it depends on its shape thickones disslove fast andd slow ones disslove slowly

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Yes. Cold water does disslove.

that it is insoluble and will not disslove because it is a sloute

A substance that makes somthing disslove is called a solvent.

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it can dissolve most substancesThis is because solutes for the most part are able to dissolve in water with the exception of some solutes like oil.Most of the solids disslove in water.

identify a substance that would not disslove while in water. explain why.

Hydrophilic - dissolves in water. "likes water" in comparsion to : Hydrophobic- which doesn't dissolve in water. "Afraid of water"

Substances such as enzymes can dissolve in lipids before entering a cell. They can also dissolve in the cell's membrane.

Keep adding solute until the solvent cannot disslove any more at that given temperature.

Limewater IS dissolved in water. Limestone dissolves in water because the mineral calcite it comprises of is soluble. This is why limestone dissolves in water.

because caster suger takes 28sec to disslove and granulated suger takes 1min

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