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l Que viene uno de algún lugar 2. Que algo alcanza o toca algo 3. Que algo ha alcanzado su fin o término 4. Arrimarse, acercarse.

See "El diccionario de la Real Academia Española" for more definitions.

Sometimes it is "to arrive"

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Q: What does llegar in spanish mean?
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What does how do you get there mean from English to spanish?

¿cómo llegar ...............this means how do you get there

What does arrive mean in spanish?

llegarverbo intransitivo llegar; arrive at verbo transitivo place, decision etc llegar a

What does llegue mean in spanish?

Llegue is the preterite yo form of the verb "Llegar". It means "I arrived".

What does llegan mean in spanish?

"Llegar" is the Spanish word for "to arrive". It is pronounced "yay-GAR". Please see the related link below for confirmation of the translation.

Where is the city of Como Llegar located?

There is no city of "Como Llegar". Como llegar is a Spanish phrase which, translated into English, means how to get. It can be used to ask how someone can acquire something.

What does a quien le pides direcciones para llegar a tu hotel mean in spanish?

who do you ask a question on directions to get to your hotel

How do you say you are going to be late in Spanish?

You are going to be late: Vas a llegar tarde. I'm going to be late: Voy a llegar tarde.

How do you say i am going to be late in spanish?

Voy a llegar tarde.

How do you say get on in Spanish?

montarse, subirse , tener , obtener , llegar

How do you say 'i wanted to become' in spanish?

Queria llegar a ser

How do you say i want to git to know you in spanish?

Quiero llegar a conocerte.

How do you you say Get to work in Spanish?

trabaja! (imperative) llegar al trabajo = find your way to work