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"Llegar" is the Spanish word for "to arrive". It is pronounced "yay-GAR". Please see the related link below for confirmation of the translation.

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In spanish to english, the verb llegar means 'to arrive.'

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Llegan means they/you guys arrive.

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Q: What does llegan mean in spanish?
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What does llegan mean?

From Spanish to English "llegan" means 'you/they arrive'

What does adonde llegan los alumnos mean in spanish?

Translation: Where do the students arrive?

What does the Spanish word Llegan translate to in English?

From the verb "llegar" which means "to arrive". Llegan is the third person plural in the present tense, or "they arrive".

What does cuando es mean?

"Cuando llegan" means "when they arrive". "¿Cuándo llegan?" means "when do they arrive?"

What does a que hora llegan a la escuela mean?

It means "What time do you arrive at school?"

How do you say arrive in Spanish?

llegar = to arrive llego = I arrive llega = you or he arrives llegamos = we arrive llegan = they arrive

When was Hasta donde llegan tus ojos created?

Hasta donde llegan tus ojos was created in 1995.

What does this mean in English no llegan a las ocho menos cuarto en punto?

'they don't arrive at 7:45 on the dot.'

How do you say what took you so long in spanish?

What took you so long: ¿Por qué tardaste tanto tiempo

What are the conjuctions for llegar?

I think you mean "conjugations" not "conjunctions". Yo llego Tu llegas Él, ella, usted llega Nosotros llegamos Vosotros llegáis Ellos, Ellas, Ustedes llegan

What does this mean in English Llegan a la escuela a eso de las ocho menos cuarto?

They arrive at school around a quarter to eight.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hasta donde llegan tus ojos - 1995?

The cast of Hasta donde llegan tus ojos - 1995 includes: Emilio Bardi Ariel Casas Inda Ledesma Ricardo Moriello as Empleado Isabel Quinteros Beatriz Thibaudin