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Q: What does lofs 21 or over school bus only?
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What is the weight of average school bus?

average school bus weighs about 7 ton (14000) lbs if gross weight was over 26000 lbs

Is school bus tracking software needed?

Only if you wish to track school buses

What can be done in case of a school bus fight?

In the case a school bus fight the most sensible thing to do is pull the bus over and for the driver to stop the fight before resuming the journey. Those fighting should be disciplined once at school.

What is longer a school bus or tractor trailer?

A tractor only (without a trailer) will typically be shorter than a Type B, C, or D school bus, but longer than a Type A bus. With the trailer, it'ls typically longer than all of them.

How much does a empty school bus weigh?

The average school bus weighs about 7 ton (14000) lbs if gross weight was over 26000 lbs the driver would need a CDL not a bus drivers endorsement and most have air over hydraulic brakes

Is it 'schoolbus' or 'school bus'?

school bus

Where do you scan the school bus on transformers decepticons ds?

you cant there is only funky bus and strong bus [you unlock the funky bus by connecting the allspark wars for the first time]

What shade of yellow is a school bus?

School Bus Chrome National School Bus Yellow either one

Has Winona Ryder ever exposed her breasts?

Only when riding the local school bus to Junior High School and the bus driver was cited numerous times for driving on the sidewalk.

When is it necessary to stop when you over take a school bus loading or unloading children?


What does Toman ustedes el bus escolar a la escuela mean?

"Take the school bus to school."or "Do you take the school bus to school?"

how long is a school bus. Is it 12 inches or 12 yard's?

Inches: Around 420 inches. Yards: A full size school bus is any bus over 35 feet in length, with most between 40 – 42 feet in length.