What does love you mean?


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Love you, it means, someone loves you!

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If you mean love love the answer is no If oyu mean love like a sis and bro yeah

Do mean the translation on LOVE from English to Samoan? If so, love = alofa.

Saying you love your ex does not mean you are in love with him.

Does Adamo mean to fall in love with?

It means i love you but were not ment to be

he in lovehe in loveyou mean he is love

Yes it is very true. It might be that you are attracted to that certain someone but you do not love them. I mean you love them but you do not want to love them. It is really a question of : What kind of love do you mean?

if u mean love love as in boyfriend and girlfriend noway that's sick but if u meanlove as family love yes she does

What do you mean?If you mean is the love in the world then yeah course PEACE OUT!

Sending love your way what mean???

to love = rakastaa love = rakkaus

i don't get you what do you mean why you love who?

Its slang for love you ...

That mean thats someone is enjoying loving itself and the fact that they love someone else they love it

In love someone mean you like her/him and get to know the person To love someone mean you give all your love to someone you care and she/he love you back

Yes, red tulips do mean undying love, eternal love or pure love. <3 tulipsalong with roses are the love flowers

To deny that you love someone - to renounce your love

143 doesnt mean you love you, it means i love you because there is 1 letter in "I", 4 letters in "love" annd 3 letters in "you"

Te Amo means I love you. te'amo mean i love you and te'amo mucho means i love you much

It depends what you mean by "love". If you mean familial love then my answer would be no, if you mean more of a boyfriend/girlfriend type of a love the my answer would be Yes, because if he is your sister's brother...then he is your brother also.

it mean love and repect

an unacceptable love/not allowed.

languishing because of love

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