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Q: What does mahalo mean in hawaiian?
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In what language does mahalo mean thank you?

Mahalo is the Hawaiian word for thank you. It did not originally mean exactly thank you but instead can mean thanks, gratitude, praise, esteem or admiration.

What does mahalo mean in Hawaiin?

Mahalo is a Hawaiian word that means "thank you" or "gratitude." It is commonly used to express appreciation in Hawaiian culture.

What is thank you in hawaiian language?

"Mahalo" is the Hawaiian word for thank you.

What is the Hawaiian for 'Thank you'?

The Hawaiian word for 'Thank you' is 'Mahalo'.

What does mahalo piha mean in Hawaiian?

Mahalo piha means "thank you very much" in Hawaiian. It is a more heartfelt way to express gratitude.

What does mahala mean in hawaiin?

Mahala does not have a specific meaning in Hawaiian. It may be a variation or misspelling of the Hawaiian word "mahalo," which means thank you or gratitude.

'thank you' in Hawaiian?


What does the Hawaiian phrase mahalo piha mean?

Mahalo piha means "thank you very much" in Hawaiian. It is a formal way of expressing gratitude or appreciation.

What does thank you mean in Hawaii?

Thank you in the Hawaiian language is Mahalo.

What does Mahalo mean?

Mahalo in Hawaiian means that you are very thankful for something that some one else does..... However it also means Hello or goodbye

What does Mahalo piha mean?

Mahalo piha is a Hawaiian phrase that means "thank you very much" or "thank you abundantly." It is a formal and respectful way to express gratitude in the Hawaiian language.

How do you say Grateful in Hawaiian?

Grateful in Hawaiian is "Mahalo."