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Metabolize means all chemical reactions taking place in living organism.

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Why are many bacteria that are able to metabolize citrate produce negative results?

This is because the bacteria may be able to metabolize citrate, but it does not mean that it can transport it into the cell.

How does the body metabolize fat?

the body has a hard time to metabolize fat

How long to metabolize alcohol?

1 hour to metabolize 1 shot of alcohol.

What can bacteria metabolize?

Bacteria can metabolize via fermentation. Some bacteria also metabolize via photosynthesis using the sun and inorganic materials, these are known as lithotrophs or autotrophs.

Do Viruses metabolize food for energy?

No, viruses do not need food and do not contain the appropriate organelles to metabolize it.

Can your body metabolize medicine?

Your body can definitely metabolize medicine. If it couldn't metabolize medicine, it would then render the medication useless as it would just pass through your body unabsorbed.

When your cells metabolize food what do they need to help them do the job?

Cells need ATP to help them metabolize food

What cannot metabolize nutrients bacteria microorganism plant cell or animal cell?

An animal cannot metabolize nutrients.

How long does it take an adult to completely break down from a single drink?

What do you mean? Do you mean " how long does it take an adult to completely break down (metabolize) a single drink?"

How much alcohol can the l Iver metabolize?

The liver can metabolize approximately the alcohol found in one drink per hour.

Does gender influence BAC?

Sex will not affect your blood alcohol count. However, your BAC may cause you to have more sex than you are used to or to take more risks. If you mean gender differences, then yes, females tend to metabolize alcohol slower.

Do viruses require nutrients?

As they do not metabolize, no.

Why does the liver metabolize fat?

for energy

Who can metabolize lactose?

types of bacterium.

What is a Metabolize?

Metabolize is a verb. It means that molecules are being built up "anabolism" or being torn apart atom by atom "catabolism".

Where do organisms living near hydrothermal vent get their energy from?

Vent organisms metabolize sulfur (or have a symbiotic relationship with organisms that metabolize sulfur).

Why can't red blood cells metabolize fat?

Because their main job is to transport gases for respiration: carbon dioxide and oxygen. When you exercise your red blood cells help you metabolize fat by burning calories, but they themselves do not metabolize fat.

How much alchohol can the liver metabolize in an hour?

An average liver can metabolize one beer, a glass of wine or one shot of hard liquor.

Can viruses metabolize nutrients?

They do not have their own metabolism.

Do the kidneys or the liver metabolize meth?


What major organs metabolize hormones?


Can codeine metabolize to hydrocodone?

Yes, minor.

Phenylketonuria results from an inability to metabolize?


What percent of alcohol does the liver metabolize?


Nitrogenous wastes are produced when body cells metabolize?

Nitrogenous wastes are produced when body cells metabolize proteins. These wastes produced are toxic to the body.

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