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They are both weather related.

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Q: What does meteorology and climatology have in common?
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What are some things meteorology and climatology have in common?

they both study weather

What is the study of weather and climate called?


What is a similar field to meteorology?

You could say climatology is similar.

What is difference between meteorology and climatology?

I am a meteorologist. Meteorology is the study of weather that is occurring at a given time in the future or present - whereas climatology is the study of weather events and trends that have occurred in the past.

What is the term for the study of weather and the climate?

Meteorology and Climatology are the respective terms. Meteorology studies the short term impact of weather, whereas Climatology studies long term affects of weather.

What specific kind of earth science would a weatherman need?

Meteorology and Climatology.

What is the term for the study of weather an climate?

Climatology, which is part of the broader study of Meteorology.

What has the author L Latief Moses written?

L. Latief Moses has written: 'Climatology' 'Basic meteorology' -- subject(s): Meteorology

What profession involves converting from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees celsius?

Meteorology and climatology are two.

What name is given to the study of weather?

Meteorology is the study of the weather at any given place or area, and forecasting the weather to come. One who studies meteorology is a meteorologist.Climatology is the study of world-wide climate, its causes, and its effects. One who studies climatology is a climatologist.The study of weather and its causes is known as meteorology.

What has the author Claude E Duchon written?

Claude E. Duchon has written: 'Time series analysis in meteorology and climatology' -- subject(s): Statistical methods, Meteorology, Time-series analysis, SCIENCE / Earth Sciences / Meteorology & Climatology 'Techniques for evaluating meteorological aircraft data' -- subject(s): Aeronautics in meteorology, Atmospheric temperature, Observations, Spectrum analysis

What area of science is likely to involve the study of climate?

Meteorology and climatology involve the study of the climate.

What are 3 ways to study geography?

I think cartography, meteorology, and climatology are three ways to study geography.

What has the author Andrew M Carleton written?

Andrew M. Carleton has written: 'Satellite remote sensing in climatology' -- subject(s): Astronautics in meteorology, Climatology, Clouds, Remote sensing

What has the author Anandeshwari Awasthi written?

Anandeshwari Awasthi has written: 'Indian climatology' -- subject(s): Climate, Meteorology

What has the author Frederick L Wernstedt written?

Frederick L. Wernstedt has written: 'World climatic data' -- subject(s): Observations, Atmospheric temperature, Precipitation (Meteorology), Climatology, Meteorology

What science deals with the atmosphere?

The study of the atmosphere is called atmospheric science, which is divided into two fields: meteorology and climatology. Meteorology studies the short-term behavior of weather, such as a single storm or a single season. Climatology deals with how the atmosphere behaves over long periods of time, usually decades or longer.

What is animal climatology?

Animal climatology treats the same atmospheric processes as meteorology, but it also seeks to identify slower-acting influences and longer-term changes, including the circulation of the oceans, the concentrations of atmospheric gasses.

The four major branches of earth science?

1. Geology 2. Geography 3. Meteorology (climatology) 4. Hydrology (oceanography)

What does earth science have to do with it?

Meteorology(weather), astronomy(space), geology(rocks) and minerals), climatology(climates around the world), seismology(earthquakes)...

What is the study of the atmosphere the process is that produce weather and climate?

Meteorology is the the study of weather. Climatology is the study of larger trends in weather patterns.

What has the author Howard J Critchfield written?

Howard J. Critchfield has written: 'Sunshine and solar radiation in Washington State' -- subject(s): Meteorology, Sunshine 'General climatology' -- subject(s): Climatology, Climatologie, Klimatologie 'Guide to climatic information' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Climate, Climatology

What has the author William Jackson Humphreys written?

William Jackson Humphreys has written: 'Physics of the air' -- subject(s): Atmosphere, Meteorology, Climatology 'Ways of the weather' -- subject(s): Meteorology, Weather 'Weather proverbs and paradoxes' -- subject(s): Weather-lore, Weather forecasting 'Bread-and-butter meteorology' -- subject(s): Meteorology

What do you need to measure windspeed and direction?

These parameters are very important for climatology, meteorology, tourism, sport, thermoisolation of buildings, design of buildings etc.

What is the study of temperature called?

Oh um more detail. There are a lots that incorporate that study such as climatology meteorology yeah like that I hope that helps