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By law, milk can contain only milk, heated until the germs are killed. The cream is removed to give the percentage of fat listed on the label. While there is some controversy that feeding milk cows estrogen, antibiotics, etc. might result in transfer to the milk, there's really not a lot of evidence. --- As a matter of fact, milk contains scabs, blood, and pus when derived from cows held in factories due to the fact that they are mistreated for being mere "milk-machines". ~ Finster

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Q: What does milk that we drink contain?
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Could you drink goats milk if your allergic to milk?

Yes. People who are allergic to cows' milk (deemed as "regular" milk) are allergic to lactose. These same people are lactose-intolerant. Since goats' milk does not contain lactose, you could drink it.

Is it safe for adults to drink breast milk?

Yes it is,but now to the adult the milk does not contain essential nutrients or rather its not helpful .

Is milk a poison?

No, even milk is health drink, but if sour then yes it may be rotten and contain food poisons which is released by microbes.

Can you drink girls milk?

no but you can drink dog milk

Can a bird drink milk?

You can force a bird to drink milk, but it doesn't drink milk on it's own

Does milk contain iron?

No, milk does not contain iron.

Does milk contain glucose?

No the untreated milk does not contain glucose. When you put in Lactoid in it than the milk will contain glucose.

Is Nesquik Chocolate Milk A Drink?

yes chocolate milk is a drink it is milk, milk is a drink so if you add chocolate it will be the same but chocolaty,

What kind drink is milk?

Milk is a Dairy drink.

Does a puppy drink milk?

Yes, they drink milk.

What drink does not have water in it?

milk is a drink with out water. just kidding, milk definitely has water in it. as far as I can think, all drinks that are commonly consumed by humans contain some water. -albert einstein.

Why should we stand and drink milk?

There is no reason to stand to drink milk. You can drink milk from exactly the same positions as you drink anything else.

Could a cow drink human milk?

No. Cows don't need to drink milk: they drink water, not milk.

Does butter contain milk and cream?

Butter is a by-product of milk, so it does contain milk.

Is drink noun?

The word drink can be a noun, as in, milk is a nutritious drink, and it can be a verb, as in, I like to drink milk.

Can baby dwarf hamsters drink milk that you drink?

No, they can only drink their mother's milk.

Does a cow drink milk?

No. Cows drink water, not milk.

Is milk a food or a drink?

Milk is a drink.

When not to drink milk?


How does a koala drink its milk?

Koalas drink their milk from their mother.

Can puppies drink non fat dry milk?

no but they can drink 2% milk. they will not drink non fat milk.

Can you drink milk when taking amoxicillin?

Yes. You can drink milk with the amoxicillin. You can not take milk with tetracycline.

What is exactly is muscle milk?

Muscle Milk is a flavored protein drink. It is non-dairy and doesn't contain any high-fructose corn syrup, and it does not require refrigeration.

Does mayonnaise contain milk?

No, traditional mayonnaise recipes do not contain milk.

Does Skim Milk contain Lipids?

Skim milk does contain Lipids.

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