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What does mob stand for?

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It mean money over bitches

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What does mob stand for in Minecraft?

What does MOB stand for in baseball stats?

Men on base

What does 2 6 7 6 you the mob stand for?

It stands for unicorns and narnia

What happens if the mob doesn't listen to you on the simpsons game?

they will stand in the same spot waiting for a commandment

The collective noun mob is for?

The collective noun 'mob' is used for:a mob of cowsa mob of deera mob of emusa mob of kangaroosa mob of meerkatsa mob of peoplea mob of sheepa mob of Texansa mob of wallabiesa mob of whalesa mob of wombatsMob has been used as a collective noun for: a crowd of unruly peoplekangaroossheepcattle (when being driven in a group)whales

What is one word for a group of angry people?

' A mob'

What type of noun is mob?

The noun mob is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a large crowd of people, often disorderly and intent on causing trouble.The noun mob is also used as a collective noun, for example:a mob of deera mob of emusa mob of kangaroosa mob of meerkatsa mob of whalesa mob of wallabies

What is the suffix for mob?

It depends on the context... mob(ile) mob(bed)..

Make a sentence with the word mob?

A Mob is in Minecraft!

What do mobsters do for a living?

mob? mob?

Who would win the Italian mob or Japan's mob?

the Italian mob because they have more improve weapons than japans mob

Is mob a plural word?

Yes, the noun 'mob' is a count noun; mob has a singular and plural form (mob, mobs). singular: Did you see that mob of people? plural: All the mobs joined together to form a larger mob.

What are the release dates for Movie Mob - 2007 The Mob Reviews 'Movie Mob Holiday Wonderland'?

Movie Mob - 2007 The Mob Reviews 'Movie Mob Holiday Wonderland' was released on: USA: 26 December 2009

What are the legacies of 1968?

The legacies of 1968 were the triumph of mob violence, the triumph of the Mainstream Media in distorting the reality of mob violence as well as of the Vietnam War and of Soviet aggression in Czechoslovakia, and the refusal of most Americans to stand for such, hence the election of Richard Nixon.

What does mob mean in texting language?


What is the plural of mob?

The plural of mob is mobs.

How many generals is there in mob?

A 'mob' is just a disorganised group of unhappy people . There are no generals in a mob.

Are there glitches for mob wars on MySpace?

mob wars isn't on myspace it's on facebook. but, mobsters on myspace is like mob wars and there is glitches for mob wars

How do you use mob in a sentence?

Career criminals suffer from a mob mentality. I suddenly found myself far from the madding mob. The mob of chimps was suddenly gone.

What is the difference between a crowd and a mob?

the difference between a mob and a crowd is who would put mob wht is that

On mob wars can you get money from people in your mob?


What is the plural meaning of mob?

Mobs is the plural of mob

What group term is a mob?

what group term is a mob?

Can you change which mob you belong to in Mob Wars on Facebook?

you you can How can I do that?

Is there a mob museum in Chicago?

No there is not a mob museum in Chicago

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