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It means that you have to make monthly payments on your house.

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When buying a house can you get a larger house loan so you can pay off some of your credit cards and car

How long do you have to wait in Canada before purchasing a house after bankruptcy

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Is home owners insurance required

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Q: What does monthly housing payments mean?
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How much down and what are your monthly payments ?

How much down and what are your monthly payments

What does adverse accounts mean?

An Adverse account means a delinquent account. An account that has not received on time monthly payments, or payments at all.

Maximum Mortgage?

Maximum Mortgage What is your maximum mortgage? That largely depends on your income and current monthly debt payments. This calculator collects these important variables and determines your maximum monthly housing payment and the resulting mortgage amount.

What does 1111111 mean on your credit report payment history?

means your up to date with your monthly payments in the past 7 mths (past) 1111111 (present) if you have a 2s or 3s in the series of numbers ... ie) 111231121 it means you have been behind with your monthly payment that paticular month. 1s mean paid monthly payment on time 2s mean 30 days (missed one payment) 3s mean 60 days (missed two payments) 4s mean 90 days (missed three payments)

Can hospital report debt to collection if you pay monthly?

Yes, if you default the monthly payments.

What happens when there are 3 mortgages on my land?

In that case you have three monthly mortgages payments.In that case you have three monthly mortgages payments.In that case you have three monthly mortgages payments.In that case you have three monthly mortgages payments.

What are your monthly payments?

Monthy payments are payments you make every month, like a house payment, loan payment, water, electric, gas (for heating), phone, insurance if you pay monthly, etc.

If you make monthly payments can you be turned over to collection?

no you can not

Can you you buy the flex belt in payments?

Yes monthly

How many monthly payments are there in a 30-year loan?


What happens to your monthly payments once you get your bank card replaced?

Replacing your bank card will have no effect on your monthly payments. The amount you have to pay each month is dependent on your account balance !

What would I need a mortgage amortization calculator for?

The mortgage amortization calculator is for working out your monthly mortgage payments. It will also calculate into the equation when and if you make extra monthly payments on your mortgage.

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