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Insane and believed to be put under a spell or be effected by the moon and its phhases

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What are 5 compound words made from moon?

moon beam moon light moon struck moon shine moon rocket

What is the current theory about the origin of the moon?

The moon resulted when a large body struck Earth.

What does the name moon mean?

From The Moon.

What do circles around the moon mean?

what it mean when a circle around a moon

What does it mean when you dream of the moon falling out of the sky?

what does it mean when the moon falls out of the sky

What does one moon mean in your calendar?

If I understand you correctly, you have a picture of a complete Moon in your calender. If so, this mean that there is a full moon.

What is it like being Moon Struck?

When you are moon struck it can be different for everyone but for me I am not a very good singer but when I am moon struck I can sing very well I also crave fish and I get hot easier than usually but when the full moon sets I am back to normal and I can remember anything that happened that night untill the day after hope that answers your question and no joke this really happens to me!!!

What is the mean distance of the moon from earth?

The mean distance of the moon from the earth is 384, 400

How do scientists think the moon was formed?

scientists hypothesize that the moon was formed when a huge object struck earth.

What does orbiting moon mean?

orbiting the moon means going around the moon.

What is a moon or satellite?

A moon is a satellite but a satellite doesn't mean that it'll be a moon.

When scientists studied moon rocks they learned that something had struck the surface. what struck the surface?


What does the word lunar mean?

moon, specifically The Moon.

What does moon mean?

moon means, a natural satellite.

What is a Swedish moon?

If you mean Latin:Luna the answer is Måne = Moon

What does the crestent moon mean?

a half part of the moon

What does the term gibbous moon mean?

it is a moon phase

How do people get moon struck?

they don't! that's the answer haha yes.

What is the low sunken surface feature of the moon?

The low sunken surface area on the moon is the result of when the surface of the moon was once struck by a large meteorite.

Is there 1 satellite on the moon?

The Moon is our satellite. If you mean like satellites in orbit, those are around the Earth. If you mean is a ship on the Moon, rephrase.

Can the moon come apart?

If the moon were to be struck with significant force, such as by a very large asteroid or meteor, it could be destroyed.

What does waxing mean in the way of moon?

It means going from new moon to full moon.

What does it mean if the moon is waxing or waning?

If the moon is growing it is waxing. If the moon is shrinking it is waning.

Why is the sun in America and the m00n is in Afghanistan?

What do you mean? Both the Sun and the Moon can be seen in America, or in Afghanistan.What do you mean? Both the Sun and the Moon can be seen in America, or in Afghanistan.What do you mean? Both the Sun and the Moon can be seen in America, or in Afghanistan.What do you mean? Both the Sun and the Moon can be seen in America, or in Afghanistan.

Are there meteorites on the moon?

yes. The craters you see with the naked eye looking at the moon are from meteors striking the moon. meteorites are what is left of a meteor that has already struck a large body (such as a planet or moon)

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