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A motion filed with the court seeking to set aside a previously rendered decision or judgment entry. It seeks to undo something that was already ruled on in a court case.

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2010-01-29 02:04:50
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How to word vacate premises with option to return based on new terms and conditions

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Q: What does motion to vacate mean?
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What does motion to vacate foreclosure sale mean?

Motion to vacate sale means cancelling the order that confirms the sale of the foreclosed property. The word "vacate" means cancel in this case.

What does a motion to vacate a decree mean?

If you were sued and lost because you did not appear in court, you can file a Notice of Motion to Vacate Judgment. By filing this motion, you are asking the court to cancel the judgment entered against you and to give you a new trial.

How many days after a judgment of revoking guardianship do i have to file for a motion to vacate?

Massachusetts law on time frame to file a motion to vacate

When do you file a motion to vacate?

Any time AFTER the ruling, or the sentence, has been pronounced.

How many daysto file Motion To Vacate Default Judgment?


What happens Motion to vacate is granted?

A motion to vacate - is a motion to set aside or nullify whatever has happened previously (e.g.: a court ruling or action). The judge will consider the motion and render a ruling, or opinion. If it is granted the status will return to whatever state it was immediately before the action in question took place.

How do you remove a judgment from your credit report that is not valid?

File a motion to vacate based on that fact. After the judgment is entered there is a SOL for filing that motion.

When filing for divorce how do you get your spouse out of the house?

If your spouse does not want to vacate the premises then you need to file a motion with the court to obtain a vacate order. The court will hear the motion and render a decision. You cannot always succeed in forcing a person to leave their home.

Does unass mean?

To leave or vacate quickly.

Does Motion to vacate judgment means the entire judgment can't be appeal or just the vacated issue?

Unless the judgment is worded to specificallyexclude certain privisions and/or specifically include certain others, just a general motion to vacate refers to the ENTIRE judgment.

What does vacate mean in Arizona courts?

To "vacate" something in legal terms means to make it null and void it or set it aside. See:

How does a motion to vacate help in a remanded case?

well a motion lets the judge know whats happening and if its good enough to trial against or sew.

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