What does muscle milk do?

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with excercise and diet , muscle milk helps gain muscle , it keeps your muscles moist so that when you work out your muscles arnt tired and dry. it will make you fat if you are not working is a meal substitute. i suggest you drink it in the morning so you burn it during the day or drink it as a meal with in an hour after you work out. Does milk help build muscle

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Muscle Milk is a diet supplement, not a replacement for milk. It proposes to help build strength and endurance. Nutritional label notes that 11oz of Muscle Milk provides 20 g of protein, 7 g fat, 300 gsodium, 800 g of potassium. It is not FDA approved.

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Difference between muscle milk and muscle milk collegiate?

the intensity of workouts

How does muscle milk compare to whey protein powder for muscle growth?

Muscle Milk is more expensive and not as effective.

Can you drink muscle milk with milk?


Where can one purchase Muscle Milk Light?

There are several places in other for one to purchase Muscle Milk Light. However, it is strongly recommended that one should check the information on the main website of Muscle Milk before buying Muscle Milk Light.

Is muscle milk make you fat?

Yes muscle milk will make you fat if you dont work out after you drink it but its a fast way to get muscle

Does muscle milk help build muscle?

With proper exercise...yes it will. but muscle milk has been clinically proven to b harmful to the human body.

What company offers discount prices for bulk amounts of muscle milk?

Muscle milk is great for sport activities. You can purchase it in bulk at the following website:

Does muscle milk make your breasts grow?

No, there is no direct link to soy in muscle milk causing breast growth in lifters.

Can you bake with muscle milk?


Does muscle milk taste better with milk or water?

Milk but if your trying to lose weight go for water.

How old do you have to be to drink muscle milk?


When do you drink muscle milk?

After a work out at the gym

Is muscle milk good for track sprinting?


How do you consume muscle milk cytosport?

drink it.

What does muscle milk taste like?


Which companies have the best prices for muscle milk?

Muscle milk is usually the same price at most locations. GNC is a great place to try and purchase it.

Is it ok to be on both creatine and muscle milk?

Yes, take creatine in the morning one hour before a workout and muscle milk after the workout. Also, take creatine later in the day and muscle milk before bed. If you work out twice a day, follow the first step along with muscle milk before bed. Take fish oil at night with the muscle milk, it is healthy and will reduce your risks of a lot of diseases associated with not drinking enough water while on creatine.

How much muscle can you gain by using muscle milk?

none. muscle milk is synthetic garbage and all soy protein. use a natural whey protein shake or onesource optimal nutrition for mass.

What are some risks that come with drinking muscle milk?

There are some risks involved in drinking muscle building milk. Studies done on muscle milk have shown elevated levels of glycocyamine in some brands and is known as a dangerous chemical. Though not evaluated by the FDA, glycocyamine in high levels can lead to circulatory problems with over use. Discretionary caution is advised in a prolonged muscle milk dietary routine. Seek medical oversight in any bodybuilding training involving the daily usage of muscle milk.

Is Muscle milk effective when using it too try and gain muscle mass?

Combined with an effective weight training regimen Muscle milk will provide supplementation of needed protein and essential nutrients that will help in recovery of muscles and increased muscle growth. It is recommended that the Muscle milk be consumed post workout to maximize the effectiveness of the product but it may also be used a meal replacement.

Is it ok for a teen to drink protein shakes or muscle milk?

It is okay for a teen to drink protein shakes or muscle milk; just not to drink them all of the time.

What is a suitable amount of muscle milk to take for a teen to gain muscle?

About 17 ounces a day

Does milk build muscle?

No, you have to work out for muscles. Milk builds strong bones because of the calcium. =}

Does muscle milk help you burn fat?

no yes

What exercise builds the most muscle?

Squats and milk.

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