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It means cheyenne barker es very good. haha just kidding it mean "very good"

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Q: What does muy bueno mean?
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What does muy bueno mean in English?

"Muy bueno" means "Very good."

What does muy bueno mean MI AMOUR?

Are you asking what "muy bueno" means? or "mi amor" (there is no U) Muy bueno = very good mi amor = my love

What does no muy bueno mean?

not very good

What is 'est muy buena' mean in English?

estas muy bueno

What does mui bueno mean?

It is supposed to be written as "muy bueno" and it means something very good!!!

What do muy bueno dias mean in English?

Good Morning

What does ahh muy bueno mean?

Ahhh very good.

What does Muy bueno fresco mean?

Very good health

What does this mean in English Muy bueno?

That stands for: "Very good"

What does senorinta muy bueno mean?

very fine young lady

What does bueno muy calientey mean?

literraly good, very hot

What does tu resumen es muy bueno mean?

very good

What does 'El colegio en Texas muy bueno' mean?

El colegio en Texas muy bueno means "the very good school in Texas".

What does eso es muy bueno para mi mean in English?

that is very good for me.

What does te ves muy bueno mean in English?

Translation: You look very good

Am not so good in Spanish what does this mean in Spanish?

No soy muy bueno en espanol

What does es muy bueno en la republica dominicana mean in english?

la republica

What does you muay bueno this dias mean?

Muy buenos dias = (A) very good day/morning

What is very very good in spanish?

Very very good = muy muy bueno(a)

How you say very good in spanish?

Muy bueno. (Muy bien is very well.)

What is 'very good' in spanish?

muy bien When it is the of "how are you?" it is "muy bien" but when it refers to the quality of something it is "muy bueno." muy bien

What does tu es mu bueno mean?

This is improper Spanish. The statemwent "Tú eres muy bueno" by itself addressing a man or boy means "You are a very good person". The same statement can also mean "you are very good at..." "[Tú] eres muy bueno en el béisbol" = You are very good at baseball. "Tu es mu bueno" literally translates to "Your is moo good"

How do you say very good in Spanish?

muy bueno/a (adjective - male/female)muy bien (adverb)muy bien

What does 'muy bueno para tu' mean in English?

Answer: it is Spanish and means: 'very good for you'

How do you say not very good in spanish?

No muy bueno.