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Something you put into someone's mouth to prevent him from speaking.

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What are the ratings and certificates for Burmaanse Muzzel - 1964 TV?

Burmaanse Muzzel - 1964 TV is rated/received certificates of: Belgium:KT

What is the value of a Thompson 50 cal muzzel loader k7846?

The value of a Thompson 50 cal muzzel loader K7846 is about $400.

What actors and actresses appeared in Burmaanse Muzzel - 1964?

The cast of Burmaanse Muzzel - 1964 includes: Francis Bay as himself Jef Burm as himself

What year is your PHILADA muzzel loader?

late 1800s

What is the meaning of muzzel?

It is a clam,oyster,maybe a barnacle,or a crustasion.

Is the end of the gun called a muzell or nuzell?

Neither. It is called the muzzel

Why is your west highland white terrier scratching its muzzel so much?

My Westie scratches because of her allergies, she mostly scratches around her eyes and on her muzzel. The vet told us to give her benadryl, see your vet for dosing instructions.

Why do vampire bats lap blood?

Because its hard to suck with a weird-shaped bat muzzel.

Ware can you get a 45 cal muzzel loader barrel for your Rossi AC019438?


What weapons were used during the first Battle of Bull Run?

they used guns with muzzel loaders

No name muzzel loader with dog head hammers any ideas?

Hang it over a fireplace. No real value.

What is the value of a thompsonmuzzelloaser 50 ca K7846?

$400 is the value of the Thompson Muzzel Loader 50 ca K7846.

What is a 12 ga double barrel w Moore muzzel loading shot gun worth?

50-100 USD

Mating a female dog?

When you mate a female dog you dont have to do as much you just have to comfort her and keep her still. Sometimes you may have to put a muzzel on her but she should do the rest.

What is it worth kentuckian black powder rifle made in Italy by armi sport 45cal percussion muzzel loader serial number 50024?

$650 at Auction

Can a felon hunt with a muzzel loader in New York state?

You will need to consult with a lawyer and have a copy of New York state's hunting regulations with you for a correct and legal answer.

Can a felon in Iowa own a muzzel loader?

Convicted felons are prohibitted by US Code, Title 18 from owning "black powder arrms" which are specifically named in the statute.

Is there a Walmart in NH that sells firearms?

Yes in fact there is. Concord has a Wal-Mart located on Loudon Road. Although it only destributes rifels and shotguns. Also Muzzel loaders

What is the value of an E James Co side by side double barrel muzzle loader?

I have a old double berrel muzzel-loader and I do not no how much it is worth.The name of the gun,I do not no.Can not read it.

After trying treats scolding toy and muzzel how do I get my 1 year old greate dane to stop jumping on people?

You need to be pack leader. Try this link below for help in this matter.

Is a musket a shotgun?

No. A musket is a smooth-bore, muzzel loading weapon designed to fire a single ball. A shotgun is designed to fire a several pieces of smaller shot in a single load.

What is it worth kentuckian black power rifel made in Italy by armi sport 45 cal percussion muzzel loader serial number 53495?

Depending on condition, these are typically are $125-$175.

What is the value of an 1863 eagle US Springfield 50 cal or shotgun worth?

the 1863 springfield was a civil war 58 cal. muzzel loader rifle. after the civil war, the government converted said muzzel loaders to center fire trapdoor rifles, firing th 50/70 caliber center fire round. trapdoors in the 50.70 cal. have risen in price depending on overall condition. that said, value could vary from $600 to $900 +

What do you do in a squib-fire?

first: if it is a squib problem, don't fire again. On squib fired round it is indicative of not enough or no powder in the cartridge. The bullet is stuck in barrel. Open the cylinder (revolver) and remove all shell cases. then using a brass rod (not steel) proceed to tap the bullet head out of the barrel. Tap from muzzel to rear. The same for an automatic. remove magazine. Disassemble the pistol. Proceed to tap the bullet out of the barrel with a brass rod (not steel) taping from muzzel to rear...............

Can a convicted felon own a bow or muzzel loader in Va?

It is going to depend on what your felony conviction was for. Virginia may have particular laws relating to that. However, it seems to me that staying away from weapons entirely would be a positive.