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It means "Why are you going home?"

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Q: What does nande uchi ni kaerimasu ka mean?
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How do you say why you so horrible in Japanese?

You can say 'Nande sonna ni hidoi desu ka'.

How you Know in Japanese?

"Douyatte shitteimasu ka" is 'how you know ' in formal Japanese. "Nande shitteru" is informal way of saying it.

How do you say 'what language do you speak at home' in Japanese?

"Uchi ni nanigo wo hanashimasu ka"

How do you say do you want to go back home in Japanese?

'o uchi ni modoritai no desu ka' is polite way to ask that.

What does naka mean in Japanese?

Depends on where it is used. 中 /na ka/ can mean 'in, inside, in the middle of' (the same kanji has other readings like 'chuu' or 'uchi' which can mean 'in the midst of, while, meanwhile, etc'). Another case would be 仲 /na ka/ which means 'relationship, terms' as in 仲良く /na ka yo ku/ or 仲がいい /na ka ga ii/ meaning 'close, on good terms with, getting along well, etc'.

How do you say my wife in Japanese?

家内 /ka nai/ is used when referred to one's own wife in kenjougo (humble language). tsuma, or uchi no tsuma can also be used.

What does this phrase means Nande okuteru desu ka aiatai desu itsu met suru email suru onegaizimasu ok kindly translate to English please?

1.Nande okuteru desu ka 2. aiatai desu 3.itsu met suru 4. email suru 5. onegaizimasu okthis was obviously written by a Japanese girl who is not use to writing romanji its very broken language but there are 4 or 5 sentences.1. why are you angry2. i want to meet3. when can we meet4. i will email5. please, Ok?4+5. could mean please email

How do you say Why are you here in Japanese?

'Why did you leave?' could be translated asなんで出た? (nande deta) in Japanese. However, this is quite casual. A more formal alternative would beどうして出ましたか (doushite demashita ka)

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What does paano ka mean in Filipino?

meaning of paano ka: How about you?

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