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What does nausea feel like?

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Usually, you have the feeling of dizziness and or light-headedness and the desire to throw-up.

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What is nausea?

Nausea is when you feel sick or queasy in your upper stomach with an urge to vomit. Nausea is a feeling of sickness that makes you feel like you want to vomit.

What is it when you feel like throwing up?


What causes me to feel like i need to vomit but I can't?


Can morning sickness feel like extreme hunger and the desire to vomit but without nausea?

Not sure quite what you mean as nausea IS the desire to vomit, but morning sickness CAN feel like that, or tiredness or maybe nausea at any time of day, or nothing at all.

What does getting kicked in the groin feel like?

Horrible. Extremely painful to the point of nausea.

What is it when you feel a pain in your stomach and feel very weak?

stomachache or nausea

Can fizzy drinks make your stomach feel better?

Some can, like Ginger ale helps with nausea. but I find that it can feel a bit weird :P

What do you feel when you think your pregnant?

Nausea in the morning.

Why nausea occurs after intercourse?

Nausea occurs after intercourse because when the penis goes inside you vagina, you get an orgasm, then you start to feel good about everything. After that, you might feel that you sinned and that's why u are nausea ish after you sex

How do you spell nausea?

It's spelled like "nausea".

What do you feel in space?

-- weightlessness -- isolation -- disorientation -- nausea

What drug makes you feel nausea?

Emetine Hcl

What do you feel in your first month of pregnancy?

nausea mostly.

What is the meaning of nasya?

I think you mean "nausea." If you do, this is the term for feeling sick to the stomach, or nauseous. Basically, you feel like vomiting.

Its been 10 days i haven't got my periods.I feel so cranky in the mornings and don't feel like cooking cause of the smell. Feel slightly nausea but not that bad.I wonder if I am pregnant.?

sounds like it. take a test

Why do you feel nausea after drinking water?

you feel nausea after drinking water because water sends nerves to your templates on the side of your head-but usaul it happens when you drink to fast, then it happens.

Is 30 minutes in a sauna safe?

Yes, as long as you keep yourself hydrated. If you feel uncomfortable, nausea or feel like blacking out, get out of sauna and drink water and eat something.

How does Gadolinium make you feel while inside the MRI tube?

usually no symptoms but sometimes you can get dizzy, nausea, feel like you gotta pee-pee or hot flashes. @/0_0\@

What feelings do you have if you feel nauseous?

You feel nausea and / or vomiting during third month of pregnancy. That is unpleasant feeling. But then you have the life time happiness at your hand after few months and there is your hubby to support you psychologically. Apart from this nausea, all the other nausea are totally unpleasant.

What do withdrawals from opiates feel like?

Sweating, nausea, runny nose, itching, watery eyes, and a generally miserable emotional feeling.

Why do you get bad gas during your period?

I don't think it's gas, it's cramps. Cramps feel like gas or nausea.

Can you feel nausea beginning of pregnancy?

Commonly called morning sickness - the nausea and or vomiting can be present at anytime during pregnancy.

When do you feel nausea when pregnant?

First 2-4 Months .

Can you feel nausea before you period?

It is possible to feel nauseous before your period starts; along with bloating, cramps, irritability, etc.. the hormone changes can cause nausea and/or diarrhea, too.

What does morning sickness feel like do you get stomach pain?

Morning sickness will feel different for everyone, but the feeling of nausea is common. A pregnant woman may have intense instances of vomiting, occassional nausea, or uncomfortable queasiness. Headaches, fatigue and dizziness are common, as is an aversive sensitivity to particular smells.