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What does nimble mean?

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Nimble is an adjective meaning quick and dexterous, deft, agile, or adroit, as a nimble athlete or the nimble hands of a seamstress.

It is extended metaphorically to mental abilities, a nimble mind being a clever one.

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What does it mean to be nimble?


What does lithly mean?

gracefull or nimble(surefooted)

What does spry mean?

Spry means nimble or agile.

What does mccaffrey mean?

McCaffrey means horse and rider. Daithi means swift and nimble. So if you had a name like Daithi McCaffrey then your name would mean swift and nimble horse and rider

Is nimble a verb?

No, the word "nimble" is an adjective.

What is the adverb for nimble?

The word nimble is an adjective. the adverb form is nimbly (in a nimble or agile manner).

What does Be nibble be quick mean?

Nothing. The phrase is "be NIMBLE, be quick" because nimble means agile and quick means fast so you should be fast and agile.

What is the Irish Gaelic for 'nimble'?

as in agile aclaí

What does the name tuck mean?

Civil, Timid, Nimble, Dedicated, Leaner, Warm

How can you use nimble in a sentence?

A ballerina is very nimble when she dances.

How do you use the word nimble in a sentence?

You're so nimble!

Sentence with word nimble?

Jack was nimble, and somewhat quick. Her nimble fingers darted through the reeds and snatched the frog.

Words that mean smart that start with the letter N?

Nimble is a word that means "smart."

What thoes agility mean?

The gracefulness of a person or animal that is quick and nimble is called its agility.

What does it mean when someone asks if you have nimble fingers?

They're asking you whether you can do things quickly.

Sentence with nimble?

To navigate the obstacle course, you need to be nimble and quick.

What is a sentence for nimble?

His nimble fingers moved quickly across the keyboard.

What is sentence for the word nimble?

He is very nimble when picking people's pockets.

__ be nimble, __ be quick?

jack jump over the candle stick

Sentence with the word nimble?

Her nimble fingers moved quicky across the keyboard.

Can you give a sentence with the word nimble?

Jennifer was a gymnast, so she was very nimble.

What has the author Jacque Nimble written?

Jacque Nimble has written: 'Copy cat'

What is the meaning of nimble as it is used in the narrative?

Nimble means "moving quickly and easily."

Is it correct English to describe a jet fighter as 'nimble'?

Nimble means quick and light in movement or action. (Cambridge English Dictionary)If a jet fighter meets that criteria, it would be quite appropriate to describe it as 'nimble.'

What is the velocity of a gerbil?

over 9000 but not nearly as nimble as the Super Nimble Mega Hamster