What does normal rain look like?

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What does acid rain look like?

Acid rain looks like normal rain. You can't tell the difference except with a pH meter.

What do rain clouds look like?

they look like normal clouds just grey. it is like the whole sky turns to black and white. they look sinister as well. as if a monster is hiding inside waiting to pounce. they take over the sky.

What does a rain tree look like?

A rain Tree looks kind of like this here

What does the sky look like when it rains?

Like rain

What is the weather like in Croatia?

it has sun and rain, like any normal country

What is the pH of normal rain have?

normal rain is about 5.6

What do normal volcanoes look like?

It is hard to know what is 'normal' for volcanoes but a normal one could look like the mountain in the photo above

What does the tropical rain forest look like?

it has trees and rain and it's tropical

What do strawberry seeds look like?

They look like tiny rain drop shaped seeds

What do early colonial times homes look like?

They look like a box left in the rain.

What is the pH of normal rain compared to the pH of acid rain?

normal rain- 5.6 acid rain- 3 to 4

What do snowlepords look like?

They look like white versions of normal leopards.

What do baby monkeys look like?

they look like normal mokeys but they where nappies

What is the difference between normal rain and acid rain since normal rain is acidic anyway?

Normal rain is slightly acidic but it occurs naturally, as oppose to acid rain caused by air pollution

Is acid rain far more radioactive than normal rain?

Acid rain is no more radioactive than normal rain.

How does an rain gauge look like?

The anwear is: POP

What does Sophocles look like?

Like normal people?

Do peacocks dance in the rain or in rain?

Peacocks do not "dance" in the rain, but if they want to they will use the rain to take a bath in, which might look like they were dancing.

What does a monsoon look like?

how a monsoon look like:monsoon is when it is windy and it rain alot

What is a simple explanation of acid rain?

Acid rain is pollution that rises and forms with normal clouds and rain. Then when it rains the acidic rainerrodes things like your face!

What does an astronaut look like?

They look like normal people wearing a space-suit

What do dogs look like when they have puppies?

They look like normal dogs but fat at the belly.

What do rain beetles look like?

A rain beetle does look like other forms of beetles. The female is reddish, and the male is black. It has an elongated wingspan and an oval-shaped head.

What does the Amazon rain forest look like?

looks like a big forest

What does a rain gauge look like?

A rain gauge looks like a water bottle and collects the water and then after the water is collected you can see the answer.