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Q: What does one do to save a chenille sweater that is rapidly coming unravelled?
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Affectation in a sentence?

A sweater, tied casually around the neck when not coming or going from the tennis court is an affectation that makes me laugh.

How do you fix a rattling or chattering sound coming from the engine on a 2001 Toyota sienna when going up hills or accelerating rapidly?

Get a new car................ -___-

What is a sentence for gibber?

Gibber is to speak rapidly and unintelligibly, possibly because someone is fearful or shocked. "He was so scared I couldn't understand the gibber that was coming out of his mouth.

How do you know for sure if head gasket is blown?

The two unmistakable symptoms are white smoke coming out of the tailpipe and/or consistent loss of coolant, sometimes rather rapidly.

How does computer help in weather forcasting?

They can rapidly compare the data from millions of previous observations. Using that data, they can 'predict' the pattern of the weather over the coming week.

Is ventricular tachycardia a type of abnormal heart rhythm?

Ventricular tachycardia is an abnormal heart rhythm in which the heart beats rapidly due to electrical stimulation coming from the ventricle.

What makes virus nonliving?

Virus survives as nonliving particle outside the host. On coming in contact with suitable host cell virus rapidly multiplies and starts all its actions.

Why are metals such as potassium and sodium stored in oil or kerosene?

To keep them from coming in contact with water or air. Metals such as sodium and potassium react rapidly with air and violently with water.

Read this passage from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein The storm appeared to approach rapidly . . . it advanced the heavens were clouded and I soon felt the rain coming slowly in large drops but its viole?

As an uncontrollable entity

How do you fix a rattling or chattering sound coming from the engine on a 1993 Ford Explorer Sport when going up hills or accelerating rapidly?

U do that by fixing the EGR Valve OR the Vaccume hose going 2 it.

DAn increase in temperature results in increased function of enzymes in a chemical reaction because heat makes the substrate molecules move more rapidly thus coming into contact with enzymes more?

Yes, an increase in temperature results in increased function of enzymes in a chemical reaction because heat makes the substrate molecules move more rapidly thus coming into contact with enzymes more. However, there is a limit, because enzymes, made of protein, will warp and become non-fuctional if the temperature is too hot or too cold.

Is scorpion weed contagious?

Scorpion weed is a purple flower that grows wild during spring. Coming into contact with this wildflower can cause severe itching. Although not contagious, scorpion weed rash can rapidly spread in the body.

Why sodium metal is stored in kerosene?

Sodium is extremely reactive. It oxidizes rapidly in air and reacts violently with water. The kerosene prevents the sodium from coming in contact with air, water, or other substances that might oxidize it.

What are three facts about cirrus clouds?

They are very high in the atmosphere - the highest of clouds. They move rapidly because of the jet streams at their altitude. They usually foretell a weather front coming in 24-48 hours.

What is the cause of the bends suffered by scuba divers?

It is caused by gas dissolved in bodily tissues (usually nitrogen) coming out of solution too rapidly when the diver ascends, and creating bubbles in the bloodstream. Symptoms can range from mild discomfort to permanent paralysis and death.

Why do female guinea pigs mount and rapidly thrust other female guinea pigs?

It means 1 of them is coming it heat. Need a male! good luck. your guinea pig is affirming it's dominance over the other, it is perfectly normal behaviour

Would sunlight affect a musical keyboard?

Yes, you got to be careful when you place a musical instrument in the sunlight because the little critters inside that make the noises gain access to sunlight they start multiplying rapidly and you'll get little green spouts coming out so be careful!

How do the elements of the whole periodic table relate to the lifecycle of a star?

A star is made up of Hydrogen and Helium, (the Helium coming from the fusion of Hydrogen atoms). When a star goes super nova, it is so hot that it fuses together gases so rapidly that it creates all of the elements on the periodic table.

When is a new hunting game coming out?

The new hunting game is already out which is growing rapidly and gamers especially hunting gamers from all around the west are loving it. This addictive hunting fun is called Bird Hunting which is available for all android devices including tablet PC and very soon going to be launched on iOS.

Can ambien show a false positive on a urine screen?

It is ulikley that ambien will show a false positive on a drug screen. If it did it would show as a benzodiazapine. It is rapidly elimitated from the system usually taking only 6-15 hours. Have your prescription ready just in case, and if you dont have one...don't worry I know where your coming from.

What is the most likely reason that doctors do not use the same vaccine each year?

Typically the flu vaccine is trying to predict the possible states of the flu coming for that season. The flu virus mutates so rapidly that they are always trying to predict what's coming next. That's why you can also still get the flu even if you get a flu shot. STUDY ISLAND ANSWER:The virus which causes influenza adapts each year to the last vaccine in order to survive and reproduce.

In your tft display is not coming but power is coming?

power is coming display is not coming

Is coming an adjective?

Coming can be either an adjective ("this coming Thursday") or a noun ("the coming of spring").

What groups are against ObamaCare?

Anyone who understands simple economics is opposed to a government takeover of such a huge part of the economy. It is undeniable fact that when an industry is publicized, price rapidly rises while quality of the product falls over time. Not to mention all of the lies that were told in order to implement it, which are just now coming to light.

Is Judaism growing or diminishing?

Actually, Judaism is growing quite rapidly among the world's young population. Judaism is of course, nowhere near the numbers of other, more popular religions, but is making much progress as of the new century. Whereas Christianity and Catholicism have been slowly falling since the coming of the 2000's.