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What does orange juice from concentrate mean?


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It means you have to concentrate on it for it to turn into juice

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is orange juice concentrate gluten freer

Probably less orange juice...the thing is that the concentrate is thicker and has more flavor.

It means the amount of sugar the concentrate contains. based on that is calculated how much water should be inserted to make a fruit juice as those available in the stores. An example; Orange concentrate has somewhat 66 brix, a 100% orange juice ready to drink should have 11 brix. In that case it is used 180 grams of concentrate and 820 of water for 1 liter orange juice.

100% pure orange juice from concentrate (filtered water and concentrated orange juice) and natural flavors

Here are some sentences.Concentrate on what you're doing.The juice concentrate was on sale.

You can use orange juice or orange juice concentrate in place of cointreau.

Orange juice can be concentrated for diluting with water before drinking. Pure orange juice can be drunk as it is. Oranges are a fruit and are organic.

Concentrated orange juice has a typical brix (sugar to water ratio) of 65 degrees while regular orange juice has a brix of 12 degrees.

Brilliant point basically they cant its not the truth they just tend to say that to make people bye the juice!! PS: great question! This answer is not correct. The orange juice you mention is indeed 100% juice. A quick example just say you juice enough oranges to make 1 gallon of 100% juice, then in order to make it less expensive to transport and to make it stay fresher longer you concentrate it. By that I mean you remove some of the water and sugar by mechanical means. Then you when you make your orange juice from concentrate you need to put back the water and sugar that you took out in the first place. That is how you make 100% juice from concentrate.

yes but it won't taste good. It would be like aeting a lemon and then drinking lemon juice

I'm trying to concentrate on writing example sentences. This tasty orange juice was reconstituted from a concentrate.

Orange Juice orange juice

from the grocery store in the frozen section.

Fresh orange juice orange blackcurrant

No, it catches the seeds and shoots them to japan.

Juice from concentrate is essentially the same as regular juice, except that it is (or was, for packaging purposes) missing much of its water. When this water is added back into the concentrate, the resulting juice is labeled "from concentrate." The nutritional information, if nothing else about the juice has changed, is the same as 100% juice that has not been reconcentrated.

Hi I also wanted to know this. Found this answer on the net. Fresh is the way to go. "Orange juice is frequently bought as a frozen concentrate. Frozen, reconstituted orange juice has 78% and canned orange juice has 69% of the vitamin C found in fresh squeezed orange juice. Vitamin C is destroyed during the condensing process, but canning is even harder on vitamin C. It appears that fresh squeezed orange juice is better than either frozen concentrate or canned..." Source:

Orange juice from concentrate would be a solution, although real orange juice is neither a solution or a suspension. The major difference between solution and suspension is that a solution is a homogeneous mixture, and a suspension is heterogeneous.

orange is good citrus fruit containing vitamin C.One 8oz glass of orange juice from concentrate has only 100mg of Vitamin C.

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