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hapinny into chansy

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Q: What does oval stone evolve on Pokemon diamond?
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On Pokemon Diamond and Pearl why doesn't your happiny evolve with an oval stone?

oval stone is for certain bird Pokemon

What Pokemon evolve from a oval stone Pokemon diamond?

With an oval stone, you can evolve Happiny into Chanssey.But, you need to make Happiny hold that stone and then level it up in order to evolve.

Pokemon Diamond What Pokemon evolve using an oval stone?

JUST Happiny can evolve from the oval stone.under ground digging

How does happiny evolve with the oval stone in Pokemon diamond?

let happiny hold the oval stone and train it one level and it will evolve

How do you evolve a chansey on Pokemon diamond?

leveling it up with the oval stone

What Pokemon evolves by the oval stone on Pokemon diamond?

Happiny is the only Pokemon that can evolve from a Oval Stone in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. You will need to max its Happiness during the morning or day, let it hold an Oval Stone, and then level it up once. It will, then, evolve into a Chansey.

What does the oval stone evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

It evolves Happiny. When Happiny levels up during the daytime while holding the Oval Stone, it will evolve into Chansey.

Who does the oval stone evolve on pokemon heartgold?

Oval stone makes Happiny evolve.

What Pokemon does a oval stone evolve?

an oval stone evolves happiny

What type of pokemon does the oval stone evolve?

You can evolve happiny with an oval stone after its friendship is high

Oval stone Pokemon?

The Oval Stone is an item in the Pokemon games which can be used to evolve certain Pokemon. For example, it can evolve Chansey.

What is a oval stone for in Pokemon diamond?

The oval stone evolves Chansey.

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