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This is what happens when you put the English phrase "Peace be to you" into one of those God-awful online English to Latin translators. They turn out nothing but garbage, and that's what this is. It translates to:

Of peace I step forth to you (plural).

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Q: What does pacis exsisto vobis mean in English?
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What does Regina pacis mean in English?

Regina Pacis means "Queen of Peace".

What does exsisto validus mean?

It's Latin for "Be Strong".

What does vobis mean in latin?

To/for you (plural).

What does pro bono pacis mean?

pro bono pacis = for the sake of peace/for the good of peace

What does the Latin phrase Janua Sum Pacis mean?

Janua sum pacis means the peace door.

What does cor meum jungatur vobis mean?

It is translated: Let my heart be joined to yours

What does latin sentence operor non exsisto a poltroon mean?

You can be absolutely certain that anything that begins with the words Operor non is not an actual Latin sentence, but rather the output of a certain online "translation" site that produces these words when presented with an English text that begins "Do not . . .". It might be possible to work out the entire English sentence that induced this site to produce the above string of Latin words, but that wouldn't remotely constitute a Latin-to-English translation, since the Latin is essentially meaningless.

What is the English translation of 'vobis ego mos'?

Whenever you see the words ego mos in what purports to be a Latin sentence, it's almost guaranteed to be the output of a particular "translation" web site that produces about 98% pure garbage. Do not trust it. (Ego mos indicates that the words "I will" appeared in the input.)In this case, the Latin words mean "to you [plural] I custom"

What is the conjugation for the latin word exsisto to make it mean the equivalent of the English word existence?

You can't get there from here. 'Existo' is a verb, and no matter how you conjugate it, it'll still be a verb, never a noun. Even more, its meaning in Latin does not really have anything to do with 'existence'. The verb meant 'stand forth, appear, become, prove to be.' The meaning shifted over the centuries to become something like 'to exist' in French, and then English borrowed the French word and it morphed a bit more.

What does sic nos non nobis mean?

"Thus we not for ourselves." A verb such as laboramus("[we] work") is implied. The ultimate inspiration is probably a verse from the Roman poet Virgil (Publius Vergilius Maro), written in response to another poet's attempt to claim authorship of an anonymous verse of Virgil's own:Hos ego versiculos feci, tulit alter honores;Sic vos non vobis fertis aratra boves;Sic vos non vobis mellificatis apes;Sic vos non vobis vellera fertis oves;Sic vos non vobis nidificatis aves.I wrote these little lines myself; another has borne the honor;Thus do you, oxen, not for yourselves pull the plow;Thus do you, bees, not for yourselves make honey;Thus do you, sheep, not for yourselves bear wool;Thus do you, birds, not for yourselves build your nest.

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