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What does panacea mean?

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Panacea refers to a solution to problems. An example of panacea in a sentence might be, Some people believe coconut oil is a panacea for all health problems, curing every possible illness.

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What is an antonym of panacea?

There are no antonyms of panacea.Panacea has no antonym.

How do you write panacea in a sentence?

His idea was not the panacea he thought it would be.

When was Panacea Society created?

Panacea Society was created in 1918.

How do you use panacea in a sentence?

The eerie baglady offered a panacea for the upset womans unwanted situation. panacea basically means a remedy or cure all.

Use panacea in a sentence?

Highly frustrated with his miseries and problems, he has made drinking his panacea.

What is a sentence with the word panacea in it?

Chicken soup is a panacea, people think it helps stop colds or the flu.

Can you give me a copy for panacea by leomicio offemaria corpuz?

backgruond music for panacea by lemicio offemaria corpuz

Where did penicillin get its name?


What are antonyms of panacea?

Snake oil

How do you make a sentence using the word panacea?

One day they hope to find the ultimate panacea and cure all of the world's ills.

What are the release dates for Panacea - 2009 I?

Panacea - 2009 I was released on: USA: 22 April 2009 (Barebones International Film Festival)

Which word means cure all?


What rhymes with gonorrhea?

panacea leukorhhea diarrhea

What word is known as a cure all?


Who is the Greek deity of cures and healing?


How do you use the word panacea in a sentence?

The Doctors tried to search for a panacea but soon figured out it was a myth no one has come up with a cure all medicine

What is a panacea?

A "cure-all." Mostly used figuratively and derisively. Example: The Republicans seem to think tax cuts for the rich are a panacea for the economy. Or, if you prefer: Democrats see stricter gun control as a panacea for preventing the occasional deranged killer from going on shooting sprees.

What are the release dates for Panacea - 2009 II?

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The mythological Greek goddess of cures and healing?


How to cure PANACEAS?

A 'panacea' is a cure-all, not a disease.

Hipprocratic oath taking by professional accantants a panacea for the prevention of fraud?

Hipprocratic oath taking by professional accantants a panacea for the prevention of fraud and corrupt practices. justify?

Is privatization the grand panacea with which you can use to develop a nation?


What another word for panacea?

catholicon. cure-all. nostrum.

What does panacea means?

a cure for all diseases or troubles

Words that mean the same as cure?

Medicine, panacea, remedy, treatment, heal, alleviate, nurse, treat, cook, age food, preserve, fire, temper...