What does papillon in cooking terms mean?

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Papillon is french for pouch or bag .If you place chicken or fish, some thin slice veggies, fresh herbs, a little wine or lemon juice onto an oiled piece of aluminum foil or
parchment paper, then fold the piece over itself like in 1/2, crimp the edges together.
This is easier with foil but can be done with parchment paper. Place packages on a sheet pan bake at about 400 deg. F chicken for about 15-20 Min's, fish for about
12-17 Min's. The food cooks in its own juices with very little fat. be careful opening the "Pouch" there will be steam. Your entire meal is in the bag. YUMMY!
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When cooking what does the term steep mean?

In cooking "Steep" means to allow a mixture to gradually fall in temperature (not neccsarily cool) and allow the mixture of ingrediant to continue to break and mix flavor.

What does the term bloom mean when cooking?

A white, powdery layer that sometimes appears on chocolate if the cocoa butter separates; (2) a measure of gelatin's strength; (3) to soften granulated gelatin in a cold liqui

What does incorporate mean in cooking terms?

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To cook to a point of caramelization, usually around edges, often fats or sugars caramelize. It is the point just before something is burnt. Usually it is a surface char only
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What does immerse mean in cooking terms?

Immerse means the same in cooking as it does in general usage. Immerse - to put in and cover completely
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To dredge means to submerse then liftout. This term applies to the three-step dredge method in breadingfood before baking or frying.
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Usually referred to in preparing a meat, first sauteeing it to drawthe fat from it as an initial step