What does peesh mean?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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See its a long story but its kind of a contraction between pure and shite. Its used in terrible situations or to describe someone who is peesh.

See also: Xhol

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Q: What does peesh mean?
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What does capich mean?

It is slang for "Do you understand?" (pronounced ka-PEESH, it is adopted from Italian)

What language is capiche?

The proper spelling, capisce, is from Italian. (Both are pronounced kah-PEESH.)

Do nonmetals conduct less heat than metals?

Because it's that way ka peesh:(

How do you spell copiesce?

The word sought may be the Italian query meaning "Understand?"(kah-peesh?)The slang term is spelled capisce (UK) or capiche(US) from the Italian capisci.

How do you say 'kiss my ass' in Gaelic?

okay i dont know the spelling but its something peesh ma ha pronounced pee-sh ma ha

Who is James maslow dating?

No one is dating James Maslow he's single right now Kah Peesh or whatever.

What is the correct spelling for capiche?

The third person singular, present tense form of the Italian verb capire is capisce (kah-PEESH), but would more likely be the familiar capisci (kah-PEE-shee). Both capisce and capiche are used as American slang.

How do you spell capiche?

The slang word (Italian capisce) is often phrased as a question, meaning "Understand?"(Often found misspelled capiche, as the English pronounciation used is "kah-PEESH". The word capisce is the third person present tense of the verb capire. )

What is the root of the word capiche?

The root of the word "capiche" is the Italian verb "capire," which means "to understand" or "to grasp." "Capiche" is a slang term that has been borrowed from Italian and is commonly used to confirm if someone understands or comprehends a message.

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