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When it burns, pentane's reaction is to form carbon dioxide and water. However, at room temperature pentane, which is an alkane, is unreactive.

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Will pentane undergo an addition reaction?

For example pentane can react with chlorine.

What compound would react with hydrogen to give pentane?

Carbon. Pentane is an organic compound which has a chain of 5 carbons with 12 Hydrogens connected to it. Pentane -- C5H12

What is produced when you burn pentane?

Burning pentane, C5H12, is a combustion reaction in which pentane and oxygen will react to form carbon dioxide and water. The chemical equation is C5H12 + 8O2 --> 5CO2 + 6H2O

Does pentane react with bromine water?

No Bromine water is used as a test for doube/triple bonds. Pentane is an alkane C5H12 and has no double or tripe bonds!

What is the IUPAC name for pentane?

The IUPAC name for pentane is pentane. Pentane is a saturated chain of five carbon (C) atoms with the formula C5H12. Specifically, using the IUPAC name, pentane refers to the n-pentane isomer.

What is C5H12?

The name for C5H12 pentane

What is the nomenclature of pentane?

Pentane is the name in the IUPAC system

What kinds of bonds does pentane have?

Pentane has covalent bonds.

What material is pentane?

Pentane is an alkane; its formula is C5H12.

What happens to the molecules of pentane when a liquid pentane is boiled and becomes a gas?

As pentane is boiled, the intermolecular bonds between molecules of pentane are broken. This makes pentane molecules free to move as they please and expand to fill any volume.

Does pentane dissolve in water?

Pentane does NOT dissolve in water. Pentane (C5H12) is composed of nonpolar bonds. Since water is composed of polar covalent bonds, the pentane will not dissolve in water

Is pentane polar?

No, pentane, like other alkanes is nonpolar.

Pentane chemical formula?

n-Pentane would be C5H12.

What are 4 isomers of pentane?

Pentane 2 methylbutane dimethylpropane

What is the chemical equation for pentane?

The chemical formula for pentane is C5H12.

How many isomers does pentane have?

There are 3: Pentane, methylbutane and dimethylpropane

What is the isomer for hexane?

There are actually 9: Heptane, 2-methyl hexane, 3-methyl hexane, 2,3-dimethyl pentane, 2,4-dimethyl pentane, 3,3-dimethyl pentane, 2,2-dimethyl pentane, 2,2,3-trimethyl butane, 3-ethyl pentane

What organic compound contains 5 hydrocarbons and 2 hydroxyl groups?

Pentane 1,5 diol pentane 1,4 diol pentane 2,4 diol pentane 2,3 diol Neopentyl glycol

Does ethyl alcohol dissolve in pentane?

ethyl alcohol DOES NOT dissolve in pentane

How is cyclopentane similar to pentane?

Cyclopentane and pentane both have five carbons.

How many carbon atoms does pentane have?

5 (hence the pent in pentane)

Does pentane have hydrogen bonding?

pentane can't form hydrogen bonds

What is the molecular mass in pentane?

Molecular mass of pentane is 72 u.

Does pentane have dipole dipole forces?

No. Pentane is a hydrocarbon and therefore nonpolar.

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