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The word Petition only occurs in the Old Testament in the books of:

1 Samuel

1 Kings

Ester (of no value)


In the book of 1 Samuel 1:17 the word is taken from the Hebrew word, Strong's number 7596 sha-elah its from word 7592 and it means a petition, or request, by implication a loan. 7592 means to inquire or request or by extension to demand; to ask council, beg. borrow, lay to charge, consult, demand, desire(X Earnestly), enquire (+greet), obtain leave, lend, pray, request...

You should be able to understand that its in context which makes the correct definition apply.

In the book of Daniel the word is translated from verse 6:7 as Strong's word 1159 which is Chaldee and means request, its from word 1156 which again is Chaldee and it means to seek, ask, desire...

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Q: What does petition mean in the bible?
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