Fossil Fuels
Oil and Petroleum

What does petroleum have in it?

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Carbon and Hydrogen

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What do you mean by refining of petroleum?

petroleum refining is petroleum refining

What is the definition of petroleum free?

Something that contains no petroleum is petroleum-free.

Is petroleum a mineral why not?

Petroleum is not a mineral because a mineral is a solid and petroleum is not; it is a fuel.

Is petroleum a solid?

Petroleum is a liquid.

Is plastic made of petroleum?

plastic is made out of petroleum. The source for today's plastic is petroleum.

What has the author Norman J Hyne written?

Norman J. Hyne has written: 'Geology for petroleum exploration, drilling, and production' -- subject(s): Petroleum, Prospecting, Petroleum engineering, Geology 'Dictionary of petroleum exploration, drilling & production' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Petroleum, Petroleum engineering 'Nontechnical guide to petroleum geology, exploration, drilling, and production' -- subject(s): Prospecting, Petroleum, Petroleum engineering, Geology

What has the author A E Dunstan written?

A. E. Dunstan has written: 'The science of petroleum' -- subject(s): Petroleum engineering, Petroleum industry and trade 'Chemistry and the petroleum industry' -- subject(s): Petroleum

What is a petroleum geologist?

What ease petroleum geologist

What is Venezuela's major industry?

Petroleum Petroleum

What is petroleum a mixture of?

Petroleum is a mixture of hydrocarbons.

A sentence for petroleum?

petroleum is a science fact

How much petroleum is in petroleum jelly?

a bit

Is petroleum metals?

No, it is not. Petroleum is a form of resource.

How is petroleum separated?

Petroleum is separated by distillation.

Where does the energy come from in petroleum products?

So the energy from petroleum can only be released when the petroleum is burning

Why do you crack petroleum?

You don't crack Petroleum. Petroleum is one of the distillates of cracking crude oil.

What has the author Victor Ross written?

Victor Ross has written: 'The evolution of the oil industry' -- subject(s): Petroleum industry and trade, Petroleum 'Petroleum in Canada' -- subject(s): Petroleum, Petroleum industry and trade

In what goods does the petroleum and coal products industry specialize?

Products in this industry include calcined petroleum coke, regular petroleum coke, fireplace logs, fuel briquettes, or petroleum waxes, independently of petroleum refineries.

What is a butane?

Butane is a bi-product of petroleum which is formed after refining petroleum, it is also known as petroleum gas.

What does Algeria export?

Algeria exports petroleum gas, crude petroleum, refined petroleum, ammonia, and fertilizer.

Is petroleum a renewable or nonrenewable?

Petroleum is a nonrenewable resource.

What is the cause of all petroleum fires?

petroleum and oxygen.

Why is it necessary to distill petroleum?

Why is it necessary to distill petroleum?

Using petroleum in a sentence?

Using petroleum in a sentence?

Do basketballs contain petroleum?

Basketballs do contain petroleum.

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