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The pgda means that the piece came from Piercing Pagoda. 10K means that the piece is ten karat gold, it is real gold.

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What do 10K turkey mean on

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What does 10K mean inside a ring?

It means the ring is 10K real gold.

What does 10k Malta mean is it real gold?

10K Malta means a ring that contains 10 karat gold. This is real gold and the amount of gold present is 10 karat. This may be a ring that also contains other elements but definitely has gold as one of the elements.

What does 10k 512 mean on gold diamond ring?

10k 512 means, you have a 10k gold ring with 5.12carat's total gem weight.

What does it mean when a ring is stamped 10K FG?

10K indicates the gold purity. "FG" could mean "filled gold" meaning not solid gold but just gold on the outside.

What does CRP 10K mean inside a gold ring?

I have a ring that has crp 10k printed on the inside. What does it mean?

What Does PC Mean On A 10k Ring?

PC on a 10k ring means the diamonds are real

What does 10k F6 mean on my ring?

The 10k is the amount of gold and the letters are the company.

What does 10k AA stamp on a ring mean?

10k is the gold and AA is the clarity of the Stones.

What does grp 10k mean on a ring?

"It means Gold Rolled Plate, it is not solid gold but plated in 10k." thats not correct

What does 10k OR on the clasp of a bracelet mean?

If jewelry is marked 10k only, It means it's 10karet gold. If it say 10k ge or hge, it means it is gold plated.

What does 10K FG mean?

I believe 10K FG means 10 Caret Fine Gold.

What does 10k NBK mean on a ring?

NBK is the manufacturers branding on the jewelry. 10k is the quality of the gold.

What does 10k rgp mean in jewelry?

10k rgp means 10 karat gold rolled gold plate. In other words, it's gold PLATED.

What does 1 10 10K gold mean?

10% by gold weight gold filled

What does NG 10k on a gold charm mean?

maybe new gold im trying to find a proper answer as i have a 10k gold cross that also has the letters ng

Is 10k gold real?

yes its real gold and if it says 10 14k 12k 24k on anything u have its real gold unless it says 10kgf or 10kgp then that would not be real

What does 417 stamped on jewelry mean?

It indicates it is 41.7% gold, or 10K gold.

What is 10K GF mean on a gold ring?

the GF stands for GOLD FILLED

Is 10K gold better than 14K gold?

I don't know what you mean by, "better", but 10K has less gold in it than 14K does. By the way, 24K gold is more or less pure gold.

What does 10k f mean in a yellow gold ring?

good chance it means 10k gold filled but you can always take it to a pawn or jewelry store to have it gold tested

What does 10k and a star stamped on a ring mean?

The 10k means 10 parts gold with other metals. It is not pure gold. The star is the company icon.

What does WB mean stamped on ring?

Usually this stamp appears after 10K and means it is gold plated and not solid 10k gold. means W ith B onded gold.

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