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Q: What does ponyboy mean when he says that he does well in school but doesn't use his head?
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What does ponyboy from the outsiders mean when he says he does well in school but he doesnt use his head?

he doesnt use street sense

What is the mean thing that Ponyboy says to Johnny?

i dont use my head alot

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Why is Ponyboy so cute?

Do you mean Ponyboy from The Outsiders?

What does Ponyboy mean and what is his reason?

Ponyboy is a greaser from the book: The Outsiders. They may be referring you to him.

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i doesnt mean anything lol :) interesting question...

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it means that it doesnt know any thing

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not very, but that doesnt mean it cant happen...

What month day year was Ponyboy Curtis or the person who plays Ponyboy from the Outsiders born on?

I know he's not real but what i mean was what is the pearson who play Ponyboy what is his birthday

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yes, i do believe so.

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