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No idea. Tring to find out the same thing man. Sorry

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This phrase means that when someone loves to cause pain or hurt others ("prick love for pricking"), the speaker will respond by defeating or overcoming that love with their own actions ("beat love down"). It suggests a conflict or power struggle between different kinds of love or attitudes.

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Q: What does prick love for pricking and you beat love down mean?
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Prick love for pricking and you beat love down?

the thron is emotionally distubred and likes to beat people to make himself feel better

If love be rough with you be rough with love Prick love for pricking and you beat love down?

Indeed. This is said by Mercutio, in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

What are some examples of Mercutio's jokes in Romeo and Juliet?

The pun: "Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down" (1.4.28). In Mercutio's view, Romeo's love-sickness is caused by a lack of sex; if he's just have some, he'd get over thinking that he needs to be in love.

What is the meaning of if love be rough be rough with love in Romeo and Juliet?

Mercutio says this; If love be rough with you, be rough with love; Prick love for pricking, and you beat love down. He is responding to Romeo's line, "Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boistrous, and it pricks like thorn." He is saying essentially that if love is making your life difficult, don't give in to love. Of course all of this talk of pricks and beating love down is suggestive, perhaps suggesting a way of not giving in to love. "If love be rough with you, be rough with love. Fight prick for prick and you beat love down." - Mercutio, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Mercutio is saying to Romeo, if love is hard on you then fight it. And if you fight enough you will win. and be happy again. This is a loose translation.

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