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What does proactive planning means?

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Importance of proactive planning?

why is it important to be proactive?

Explain proactive and reactive planning in detail?

The difference between proactive and reactive has to do with when the action takes place. Proactive means a preventative action occurs to stop something from happening, reactive means something is done as a response to something that has happened.

What is the prefix for proactive?

pro. Pro means for or positive. if i am proactive, i am for activity. if i am prored, i am for the color red.

What is proactive attitude?

A proactive attitude means that the person is not just sitting there waiting for things to happen. The proactive person is out there making things happen to achieve their goals.

What adjective starts with o and means proactive?


What is a proactive bullying?

Proactive means taking the initiative. So the bully is thinking ones step ahead all the time.

What is proactive planning?

It is the opposite of reactive, which is waiting for failure. Proactive is the changing of parts before they fail. As an example, on a scheduled down day, major components are checked for wear. Depending on the process, this can be very time consuming, but the efficiency and the reliability of the process is greatly increased. Although not a foolproof solution, failures can still occur but instead of major components failing with a greater or longer downtime to repair the problem, smaller parts may fail but can be replaced much quicker. Some parts cannot be checked for they are what is called 'black boxes', which will operate for so long before they fail, and because they are less expensive you wait for them to fail and then react to the failure. Another example of proactive planning: lighting studies done for lighting efficiency for larger factories or buildings which suggest replacing lamps at eighty percent spent or used before they expire. Proactive planning is the concept of planning AHEAD of the actual event, to be prepared for it (whatever it is). By being proactive you avoid being over-run by the event, and have plans and procedures in place to cope with it (whatever it is). Emergency organizations, like police and EMS have plans for future events like riots, floods or earthquakes, you should, too. In business, it is always good to be prepared. I hate the term "proactive planning." It's redundant -- a pleonasm, if you will. One cannot reactively plan. You can be reactive or you can be proactive. You can wait for stuff to happen and then react, or you can anticipate stuff and plan for its occurrence. Planning, by its very nature, is proactive. It doesn't need the attributive proactive. (Now I'm being redundant.) For another (longer) explanation of Proactive Planning click...

Proactive in a sentence?

Proactive means that someone controls a situation by causing something to happen instead of letting something else happen. A good sentence would be, be proactive and study for the test tonight.

Why is planning looking ahead?

"Planning is looking ahead" because is done for future and done so by keep future situations in mind to be proactive in future rather reactive.

What word means to do something without being told to do it?


What feedback mechanisms would develop from proactive planning?

What is an ineffectual way of deploying this business plan? Give some examples of what not to do in this situation

What are the advantages of proactive?

what are the advantages of proactive purchasing

What part of speech is proactive?

"Proactive" is an adjective.

What are the slogan for family planning?

Family planning means no unexpected surprises.

What is difference between proactive and interactive?

Proactive means to plan ahead of time in anticipation of an upcoming event. Interactive is something you can touch and manipulate, such as a computer game that you play using a mouse or controller.

What is planning premises?

Planning premises means systemic and logical estimate for the future factors affecting planning.

What is reactive planning?

Reactive planning is the process whereby future action is dictated as a response to whatever has already, or is now, occurring--- it is "reflex" or "knee-jerk" in nature. The opposite side of the coin is proactive planning, which sets in motion actions as a function of what is anticipated or probable; it is preemptive in nature. jb

Is Defending Symbols and Structures proactive or reactive?


What is a sentence with proactive in?

I strive to be proactive in my everyday life.

Is proactive avalible in Nepal?

proactive is aviabile innepal

What are the Examples of reactive planning?

Reactive planning is a process where future action is dictated as a response to what has happened or is happening. As opposed to proactive planning where actions are planned ahead and implemented ahead without waiting for something to happen. An example of reactive planning response is the day to day trading in the stock market where in the actions of a stockbroker depends on the trending of stocks.

What is proactive?

Proactive Is a face wash that gets rid of acne

What is the verb for proactive?

The verb of proactive is proactivate. As in the action of proactivating.

How is Jason derulo proactive?

dont know but he uses proactive

What are planning and conducting process?

planning means you will just decide what to do and what to not do..... but conducting means you have already decided that you will do that kind off work and you are doing it