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A problem is an event where no immediate work around exists and the business service is degraded.

Official Definition as per ITIL:A Problem is the cause of one or more Incidents

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Q: What does problem mean in ITIL?
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What kinds of careers require an itil certification?

ITIL certification can get you the following positions: process coordinator at entry level, and problem manager or service desk manager at mid-managment level.

Do you know what itill v3 is?

ITIL stands for the Information TechnologyInfrastructure Library. The organization body that supports ITIL is located in the UnitedKingdom. ITIL consists of a series of books giving guidance and recommendations.To be successful, ITIL stresses the need for a strong executive sponsor. ITIL is not project management. Despite its popularity, little content is available on ITIL. ITIL is not a tool. ITIL is not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can implement ITIL in stages. You can be certified in ITIL.

What is an ITIL processes?

ITIL also describes processes, procedures, tasks, and checklists which are not specific to any singular organization or technology. These practices can be applied to knowledge management strategies and can be used with ITSM software.

Which ITIL process provides change proposals in order to eliminate structural errors?

problem management

Where to find some information on an ITIL course?

The official ITIL website ( has information about courses, training, and certifications. This would be your best option for learning more about ITIL and taking a course.

Where can someone take an ITIL version 3 foundations course?

The ITIL foundation site has a course for ITIL version 3. You can also take one from HP. My IT Study also has a course for ITIL version 3. Any of these should provide the education for ITIL that is needed.

What is better ITIL or project management?

If you are asking about Project Management certifications like PMP and comparing it with ITIL, then PMP is better than ITIL

What is the new itil test version number?

ITIL V3 is the latest version

When installing new software which ITIL process monitors whether other software must be reinstalled and tested?

problem management

What country is ITIL job located?

ITIL is an acronym meaning Information Technology Infrastructure Library. ITIL jobs are not resctricted to any country and they can be located anywhere in the world.

Where can itil training be performed at?

Itil training is popular in the United Kingdom. They have training courses available on the itil website. You can earn your training certificate through there with online options.

Where can one sign up for itil training?

You can register for itil training at Here they will answer frequently asked questions and lead you step by step through the process of itil.