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What does property tax class 3 mean for Alabama property taxes?


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Class 3 refers to farm property in the state of Alabama. The current rate of this property tax is 10 percent.

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I assume you mean property taxes. Yes, you can claim an itemized deduction on Schedule A.

to raise property taxes makes the possibility of loosing your property greater, schools will be spending more on materials and smaller classroom could mean better learning environment

The term "real estate taxes" means the taxes on the property that you own. Your real estate is the property itself. This tax is generally payed annually to your county.

The taxes on the house. (Property taxes.) In Mexico these are called los predios.

no. they want you to go arrears in your property taxes so they can aquire your property. property taxes are basically illegal and actually mean you never own the property ever never at all.

Payment of property taxes in arrears means that the taxes are actually assessed, or considered payable and due, when the year that they cover is past or almost over. An example of this is if your taxes are due/payable in October but the taxes are for the period of January to December of the same year.

You mean pay....any payment of property taxes is applied to the earliest tax due, and interst and penalties, before current ones.

Ad Valorem Tax is property taxes or duty taxes on imported products which is based on the the value of the real estate or personal property in question.

The county in Kansas that has the highest real estate taxes is Johnson County. The mean property taxes for this county are $2,664.

Roll closed in regarding to property taxes refers to the previous year. It usually happens when the government closes out the previous years fiscal cycle and goes into a new one.

No. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) does give financial assistance to needy members, but paying someone's property taxes does not mean that you own their property or have any rights to it whatsoever.

A levy is a seizure of money or property to satisfy a tax debt. A levy is different from a tax lien. A lien is collateral placed on property for a debt. a levy is physically taking the property.

Taxes are monies collected by merchants, governments, and states to fund needed things such as roads, schools and more. Taxes are usually collected from sales of goods, income, and property.

taxes not includedtaxes extra

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A lien on a property usually means that when the property is sold, the lien holder gets his money before the owner gets a penny. Back taxes get paid first, then liens get paid, and finally the owner.

There are no taxes on Roblox, what do you mean?

To apply taxes. To have taxes on certain goods.

Possibly. If you mean you are an open and notorious trespasser on the property (abandoned then foreclosed property), and meet all of the other criteria. Unclear why you bring up third party paying the taxes. You will need to check your state statutes and case decisions. Payment of taxes on property of others absent has long been considered evidence of possession, but many states now require actual, physical presence on the property (trespass) and exclusion of other trespassers (as if you were the legal owner). It is not generally sufficient to "take" someone else's property if all you did was pay their property taxes, and some states would recognize this as no more than a "lien" the taxpayer might have upon the property (if only to prevent unjust enrichment of the rightful owner).

A tax lien is issued when a company fails to pay their taxes. If they do not pay their back taxes the property may be foreclosed. A tax lien list contains a list of delinquent properties.

That would be impossible as you describe. A fake ID would mean that the property owned would be in a fake name. Which is fine, but if it were contested, he would not have the property any more, not actually being "John Smith", the name on the deed. Also, property taxes must be paid each year no matter what name - real or fake - is on the deed. And if they aren't paid, then "John Smith" will lose the property.

When purchasing a home most people are very focused on what their annual expenses are. While those who choose long-term fixed rate mortgages will know what their monthly bills will be for the life of the loan, the cost of property taxes can often change dramatically. For those people who feel they are being over charged for property taxes, hiring a property taxes lawyer could be a great decision. While they can be expensive, a property taxes lawyer could provide you with a variety of services which could prove to save you thousands of dollars. The first service which a property taxes lawyer could provide for you is they could determine what your property taxes should be. A property taxes lawyer will be able to review your tax bills and research online databases to determine what the true assessed value of your home should be. More often than not, the lawyer may find local evidence which proves that your home is being over assessed by the government. This could mean that you qualify for a reduction in property taxes. The second service which a property taxes lawyer could provide for you is they could process the tax appeal for you quicker than you could on your own. Getting a tax appeal viewed and responded to by a local taxing authority can take months. An attorney will be able to cut down on this amount of time because they will have better knowledge of the local taxing authority and will be able to get through all of the red tape without getting your appeal lost in the shuffle. This could lead to you getting a response and lower tax bill in a matter of just a few days, as opposed to months. The third service which a property taxes lawyer could provide for you is they could negotiate a repayment plan for you if you have fallen behind on your payments. Due to the poor economy, many people have fallen behind on their property tax payments. Because of this, many people are facing significant fines from the local government and are being threatened to have their home seized for back taxes. A property taxes attorney could contact the local taxing authority and work out a deal which would allow you to pay the taxes back over time. In some situations, this could even mean having a portion of the back taxes forgotten by the government.

it means you have to pay your taxes

It means that taxes are not included

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